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And he's the King of Judah now a record breaking fifty five years but he was evil like sacrifice. Your kid in a fire. Evil Big butthead. Big Now this is how God speaks of him in. Chapter Twenty one. He says because Manasseh has done things more evil than all that the Amer- rights did behold Jerusalem Judah such disaster that the ears of everyone who hears of it will tingle. I will wipe Jerusalem as one wipes the dish wiping it and turning it upside down. God's not a fan not fan Manasseh puts the word Manasseh know what I mean not cool not cool so grandpa me is gone and just is dad. Amman becomes king and he turns the whole thing around and even really great King J. He's just like his father Manasseh and he gets assassinated by zone employees. So Joe Size family tree has some rotten limbs. So in Judah at this time as we've talked about in previous episode Israel and Judah have split and at this point in the story Israel has been so awful that God quote removed them from his presence inquired. They were exiled to Syria. So Judah is the only tribe left and they are hanging on by mere threat. Do you know why I just told you King Manasseh. He's the worst. So grandpa made. Many made Judah allegiant to Assyrian rulers. Their sworn enemy and God is not okay with that. Plus Manny is not a fan of the winter. God He prefers the idea of sixty one rides and the outlook now. For God's chosen people is very bleak but with the assassination of his dad. Amman just has a chance to turn it all around at eight years old. Okay go up to see an eight year old. I'm going to be great. I I like that. Manasseh he He's got the triple crown of worshiping other Gods Going after the prophetic community. God's people and we're sacrificing young kids like really going on us not just sacrificing anybody's kids yet. We're just here. Don't sacrifice anybody that's us that's are missing but specifically don't do like if you sacrifice kids that's bad that's Jane at Jamie Golden Nine. I'm just like people that's me saying. If you're doing hierarchies and evil again they'll do you please back me up when he goes to these if you will so that brings us to Chapter twenty two the scripture..

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