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Her antipsychotic recently. These conclusions suggests that lamb who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression may have not been taking her medications properly is important finding to note given that the use of antidepressants to treat bipolar. Disorder can risk inducing maniac side effects and done without caution some sluice have understandably latched onto this detail and suggested it was likely explanation behind lambs. Strange behavior in the Elevator Hotel Manager. Amy Prices Statements in court strongly support his theory during lamb. Stay at this is still hotel. Price said that lamb was originally book however complaints of odd behavior from lames roommates forced lamb to be moved to a private room by herself but even if at least lamb had been suffering from mental health issues. How does she end up dead? Furthermore how does she end up in the hotels who tells Waterton the autopsy did not show any foul play in the evidence that was processed but the courts office noted that they were unable to four. Oh examination because they cannot examine the blood from lambs. Decomposing Body. David Lamb found a wrongful death suit against Cecile Hotel. Several months after their daughter's death was uncovered the lambs attorney stated that the hotel had a duty to inspect and see got hazards in the hotel that presented in an unreasonable risk. Danger to lamb and any other guest. The hotel fought back against the suit following a motion to dismiss it. The hotels as lawyer argued that the hotel had no reason to think that someone would be able to get into one of their water tanks based on court statements from the hotel's maintenance staff the hotels the argument is not entirely farfetched stance Yoga Lopez. Who is a first define lamps body describing how much effort he had to exert just to finder body Lopez said that he took the elevator to the fifteenth floor? The hotel before walking up the staircase to the roof then he had turtle the rooftop rooftop alarm and climbed the platform. The hotels for water tanks relocate. Finally he had to climb in Netherland to get to the top of the main. Take the only after he did all that that he noticed something unusual I noticed a has to the main water tank was open and looked inside and saw an Asian woman lying face up in the water. Approximately twelve inches from atop the tank mopey said as reported to the La Times Lopez testimony suggested. Yes that it would have been difficult for lamb to make it to the top of the water tank on our own at least not without anyone noticing. The hotels jeep deep engineer. Petro to Var also made it clear that it'd be difficult for anymore to access to rooftop where the hotel water tanks located without trigger on the alarms. I only hotel. Employees would have been able to deactivate the alarm properly. If it was triggered the sale of the alarm would reach the front desk as wells entire top up two floors of the hotel Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Howard ruled that the death of at least a lamb was unforeseeable because because it happened in an area that guess we're not allowed to access so the lawsuit was dismissed. I hope you enjoy this week on crucified. I hope I struck struck a nerve or gave you that. Feeling of your gladys daylight or your freak out because of nightfall if you have a creepy story you want me to tell us a segment increase by. Then send me on twitter or story you've heard of or experienced yourself and I'll read it aloud in my episodes now. Now you can subscribe on Itunes Google. Play pod bean or wherever else you listen to your podcast offer free now. If you feel need support my show you can do so my patriot. Now if you're waiting for my next episode drop feel free to check out my other podcast I host. It's called Luke News L. E. W. T. News for an upbeat hind scary social podcast but until next episode so just remember to stay safe and watch out the darkness..

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