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Santa as part of Christmas. Even for those who play the part, Ken Rogulski, WJR news. WBZ news time eleven thirty three. Former Detroit Lions general manager. Matt Millen has undergone a heart transplant at a hospital in New Jersey Milnes suffered from a rare and usually fatal heart disorder. He is sixty the funeral will be Friday and Utica for Darryl Brown, a retired Sterling Heights. Police sergeant who hit and killed by a drunk driver. Last friday. He was killed in front of the Renton on Jefferson avenue. Police arrested the driver Jimmy Pira, which after a pair of which tried to flee. According to police governor elect wretched Whitmer making some top appointments of her incoming administration when she has governor she will have JoAnn halls to be hers chief of staff holes an executive at the sterling group that's private equity. Rachel Eubanks will be the state treasurer Eubanks is currently a member of the Michigan public service commission, many criminals wrote to the governor of California Jerry Brown asking him, pardon me. And he did nearly. Seven hundred ninety pardons and one hundred fifty two commutations. The most by any previous governor Brown says his belief in forgiveness and redemption lead his conscience in pardoning he says considering how people do in prison along with the type of crime and other factors that landed them in prison in the first place. Creates a new attitude of hope for rehabilitation is that of the more recent hopeless. No, exit attitude prison can rehabilitate. He says if those convicted have an incentive to change. That's correspondent Jim Rupe? WJR.

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