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Sen and a half says the Labor Department companies are being forced to offer higher pay to fill a near record number of available jobs But Americans are slowing their spending AP Washington correspondent Sagar Meghani got this Coupled with high inflation It's a warning sign for an economy still suffering in the pandemic Consumer spending rose just 0.6% last month from July to September it slow doing annual growth rate of 1.6% after surging 12% the previous three months At the same time prices keep rising sharply A key inflation barometer jumped 4.4% last month from a year earlier President Biden's chat with Pope Francis at the Vatican went much longer than expected 75 minutes the two were planning to talk about the pandemic Climate change and poverty The AP's Nicole Winfield in Vatican City During the audience there was an exchange of gifts The gift that President Biden presented to Francis was chargeable which is a liturgical vestment This one was in use by the Jesuit order in the U.S. so there was a connection to the Pope there And it was in the archives of the holy Trinity church which is Biden's parish in Washington Pope Francis gave President Biden a collection of his main teaching documents The president now has two global summits in the next few days The G 20 in Rome and the UN climate conference in Glasgow Scotland Deadlines 5 o'clock tonight for most New York City employees to get vaccinated Police officers firefighters garbage collectors among them or they go on unpaid leaves starting Monday heavy rain is likely from the mid Atlantic through New England today and tomorrow This is a P news Oklahoma has executed an inmate but the execution didn't go as planned The AP's Tim McGuire reports 60 year old John Marion grant sentenced to death for the 1998 stabbing death of prison cafeteria worker gay Carter is the first Oklahoma and may put the death since 2015 He convulsed and vomited after being given a sedative the first of three drugs used in the execution Two members of the execution team wiped the vomit from his face and his neck retired AP reporter Michael grotch who still covers executions for The Associated Press has witnessed some 450 such debts and recalls only one instance of someone vomiting during the execution In an emailed statement the department of correction said the execution was carried out according to protocols and without complication 6 more Oklahoma inmates are scheduled to die by lethal injection through next march I'm Tim McGuire And I'm Rita foley AP news This is a 20 a.m. WC PT willow springs and streaming worldwide at WC PT 8 20 dot com We are Chicago's progressive talk where facts matter Now your 8 20 Chicago traffic.

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