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Yourself completely from the internet picking up some print newspapers you know having to deliver every day. Get getting some books going out and living without an internet connection you wouldn't have streaming you wouldn't have. Tv shows many of which exist primarily in a digital format or watched a digital format. You wouldn't have any of this culture. You would live a perfectly normal happy life. You know just doing your regular thing going to work. You wouldn't know what the hell anyone was talking about. But so much of our cultural identity is a are magin. Nation exists online and online is all about going viral now in viral. Temporary things lasts seconds. The the internet's memory. Oh things on the internet last river. The internet never forgets. The internet won't remember what happened last week. Don't you think of a single cultural moment that everyone was like. Wow this is the cultural moment that defines that actually turned out to be something that we're talking about two weeks later. What were the cultural moments of of you. Know the trump period who the hell can remember just happened. It's all meaningless. It's all meaningless chatter it static. It's background noise. And it's nonstop assault on the senses. It is the spectacle in its truest refined cents and the only next step. Is they needed. Start jacking it directly into our heads. Because you know right now. We're just watching it all on screens. Play out we might as well just plug right into it because it shapes every single. Look at q on q. A non is just It's like a buzzfeed of conspiracy theories it's conspiracy theory. Aggregating that has just taken all these different things you wanna. You wanna believe the that hillary clinton's eating a baby or a a wearing baby's face. Yeah okay do you believe that joe biden's reptile. No i believe he's robot okay that's by. We can put them altogether. It's an aggregate conspiracy theory for the twenty first century and everything has become like that are internet Culture is our only culture. It's created a kind of a globalist mono culture and it's a culture that has no memory of itself had no awareness of anything outside the online when we say somebody's terminally online where all terminally online. And you knew. I think is very interesting. Is how the medium keeps changing the discourse like i read a lot of books on media criticism and analysis and you have books that talk about how literacy in the printed word changed the brain and the culture. Something like walter. Ong's o'reilly and literacy. But then you have something that talks about. How tv changed Her movies own change things like that. Neal gabler book benders things about how. Tv changed things like Amusing ourselves to death. By neil postman or the image by daniel burstein or things that talk about everything all those different mediums like marshall mcluhan he talks about how that a lot of culture in the brain now..

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