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There's this really cool like a beaver monster. There's an ember main which this lizard type dude, but also like a cat that has like a fiery fiery, Maine, it's, it's, it's really cool. They've been doing a really good job of making the armor, look like you know, what you're making it out of its, it's been fun like the weapons. There's, there's only a handful of different types of weapons, but they're pretty straightforward. And they seemed I'd use the sort at first and that was completely mash e you know there's not a lot. Nuance to it. But yeah. Weapon death is like the thing in most so they do have a lot of that in some of the other webs or anything like the charge plate there. That's just like super. Yeah. Kind of like the hammer is actually surprisingly. Nuanced like. You've got bullets type things that you can put in the hammer and that'll give it a charge. So if you're swinging, you can hit another button, right before it lands, and then disperse that bullet and slows up hang on. Are you telling me that instead of a gun blade? They've gone amid a gun hammer kind of all right. Achey use that to like lodge up in the air and come down. It's there's a lot of cool shit going on with the weapons. I'm I'm finding myself like using different types solid time, like I don't have one main like I've gotten a earth type for, you know, this specific monster in particular. But. Yes. Settled down for the most parts wait times are still out there. I guess you know as far as like getting into the queue in whatnot. But yeah, I'm having a good time does the free to play stuff is, is mostly cosmetic. For the most part. There are certain things that you can get like cells, which augment your your weapons. That you don't pay for outright. But, you know, if you get like a battle pass type thing you can get. Cores which you can then turn into cells. Anyway, they call it a battle straight up to call it a battle pass. But other than that. Yeah. Like it's not too. I don't know pretty friendly. It's not too bad. I'm gonna check that out. Yeah. Give it a give it a shot for a little scratch the itch up until was ice, ice warns any it. Yeah. Totally. Yeah. It's, it's definitely scratch on that. It's like I've tried to hop back into monster. Hunter world's a couple of times recently and just wasn't able to stick with it. But no, I've probably got fifteen twenty hours into this, and going strong. How does like the match making and stuff compare to monster hunter? So instance base is all instance, based, and everybody gets kind of silo it into a queue you know, you don't know who exactly. You're going to go in with but you can go in with up to four people. So basically, you can go on patrols, which you'll it'll such you into like a type like a like a elemental types. So you wanna go on a fire patrol or something like you'll only fight fire monsters on that patrol or you can choose the monster individually. Sure, a, so you're not expecting you can spec ahead of time. Exactly. Yeah. And even pre-match you can you can do. That as well. So that's, that's very streamlined. That's very friendly. Cool. It's not like you have to go to a specific map and just kind of wander around hoping that this particular monster will or something like that. So you can you can hunt directly the school. It's, it's really neat for for for free to play game. I wasn't expecting too much out of it. But is there any kind of social help where we can show you shit off totally. This is a big social hub. I'm not sure how many people are. Allowed in their bright. So does it people in randomly? But you don't have to match with your friends to go. No, no gathering hub now. And yet, it's matchmaking. He's been pretty great, actually you don't win win..

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