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Morning everyone thank you for joining us. We're lucky to have with us today. To first rate scholars nellie lahud and daniel byman from contributed fascinating article in the new issue of foreign affairs specifically to the cover package on the war on terror. You have their short bios. I won't bore you by meeting those back to you instead. Let me tell you a little bit about why. We chose to feature nellie and dan in this issue and why. We doesn't join a day. In the field of terrorism studies nellie has distinguished herself through her emerging in primary sources especially a trove of al qaeda document that us special forces seized during the twenty eleven raid on the compound in pakistan where osama bin laden hiding milly has spent years translating analyzing documents really getting into the head of bin laden is close associates than his family. We're gonna hear about what she's learned. daniel byman is by any measure of one of world's top experts on terrorism and counterterrorism. He started his career. As the analyst focused on the middle east almost three decades ago he later served on the staff of the nine eleven commission and the staff of the congressional inquiry into the nine eleven tax. Then there's a great deal about terrorists but he also knows a lot about counter-terrorist just as nellie has done inside the minds of jihadist. Dan has immersed himself in those psychology and sociology and politics that shape and fight against them. So nellie and dan thank you both for joining us. Welcome When we started planning this issue we knew that the theme would resonate owing to the anniversary of nine eleven We had no idea it would be quite so relevant events in past months. Have i think giving everybody a kind of Dejean ru Afghanistan taliban al qaeda safe havens counterinsurgency counterterrorism. These were topics that for years dominated. Our field And fill the pages of of our magazine in recent years. They'd sort of receded a bed for reasons. We'll discuss they've obviously come willing back. We'll get to afghanistan soon. But i wanna start with nine eleven itself Nellie in your article you call the nine eleven attacks a pyrrhic victory for al qaeda you call it a catastrophic success for bin laden. Can you explain what you mean. And thank you justin. I the on to be of this event. And also that my article features in the issue commemorating this solemn occasion and of course delighted to be sharing this ritual panel with you. Dr buying the details of what happened on nine. Eleven are widely known but bez repeating that on that day. A non-state actor of kaieda inflicted the deadliest foreign attack on the soil of the world superpower and nearly three p..

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