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Always going after. Pitching pitching is the key down the stretch. You gotta have good. Pitching can't pitch. It's hard to outslugged somebody when you're facing. Opposition has really good pitching down. You know to you know a couple of runs a game. So maybe their philosophy is. Hey maybe we'll just try to get these big games like three game series. Get you know a few homers here and there and outscore them and maybe the you know the bullpen can hold them down at the end and chat making get over some of the prophecies hat so it's hard to know the mindset of these gm's and how they go about it ripe but it's really hard to get pitching the key is people don't want to give away their pitching so if you can't get the pitching l. Go with it. Go with the big boys. That can hit homers. I don't know if you've heard while you're giving your answer about how like the big hitters. Don't really matter done stretch. You need pitching. It was both of his hands. Go lifted on the desk and then pounded from. Who is a diehard yankees fan. Because i think the internet has been very vocal about this saying that. Yeah i mean they could have went out and got sherzer. Yeah they might not have been able to. They wouldn't have wanted to give up some of the things they had to but like gallows baton to twenty seven. He's either going to hit a homer strike out you know. And that's not really what they need right now has a fan. You're like but also you guys think if you're a fan you got three three years right you gotta think three years. You don't wanna go trade deadline and then you stink three years later. I want to win now. You know fans actually think like that. Are you out of your mind. No way dude. That's right that's why i got to become more fan. I gotta i gotta move on trying to be a baseball guy. No no you should continue to be a baseball guy. 'cause the answers you're giving us right now. Our fucking awesome by the way. I appreciate you. You sound like a like a baseball. Pundit right now and also with your resume makes a lot more so i appreciate what you're doing right now if you could stay in this lane forever. We'd be very very careful because we know nothing about the baseball. Go ahead digs so shorter. Rizzo kris bryant. Hobby by is pretty much. The core of that cubs team. That won the world series. What's it like being on a team. Where like you guys had so much success and then all in one season basically falls apart and everyone's getting sold away and stuff like that. Well i wish. I could tell you how that feels. I was lucky to play in the red sox oranization where it just kept going. It just kept going. Sit guys turnover right you. You lose certain players guys move on site contracts replaces but we had a really good system in place. You know work with the cubs. The pat i last year was my. Oh my final year roof with the cubs work on this year. Now just doing. The analyst job for nessin You know there's a lot of changes going on there where they're shifting the mindset. The hard part is is this. If you don't have a stockpile players coming through the minor league system you gotta do to thank you gotta start trading away your big dogs and looking for the future because when you don't have that stockpile coming and you are team that could buy you gotta you gotta either go for it sell off right now get as much value can for those big dogs because you might lose them in free agency or you have to re of them so it's a tough call of rehabing those players or trying to get that young town if you don't have that young talent coming because it's a young man's game now You want young talent. You wanna cheap. And that's a that's the business model of it. That's every professional league. I think cheap young not hurt. That'd be great what we're looking our. Yeah no feelings have zero feelings at all all right. Just be a robot. And i will tell you this you fucking there. You hit the ball at least amount of times out of ten that we thought you were gonna hit. Signed you for this cheap ass contract who move down to aa pow. You want to go down aaa you andrew girlfriend. Move in vanessa girlfriend. Make sure you're in the major leagues for a long time. Then get a girlfriend vanessa. Hudgens i guess walking around indianapolis because her boyfriend is a member of the indianapolis indians now. Who's aaa pizza repair sky. That's a foxy said foxy said that he and his influence or lady had been bouncing around town sad influence or parties. And i've seen agents around town. That's not exactly how i said it. You can just check her instagram. And she's all over indianapolis welcomed in minnesota and it's because her boyfriend got don from the pirates to the minors which is what happens in baseball more than any other sport you. That's so smart. Oh get get get get a girlfriend. That has all the money that can take care of you. If you go to aaa and you're making less money. Yeah definitely got set out five times aaa one year. I should have found that girl for that. Could take care of so when you go down to triple as just like is it a motivator is. Does it happens so often. Is that just kind of the business. You just understand that that can happen out of nowhere because there's here being the triple eight for the pirates and obviously we're gonna talk about the pirates in a minute but i have one question for you. What's that legit burke. One's that ever going to happen. The is that ever going to happen with the pirates. Do how come getting attacked by pittsburgh blogs for saying that. I'm sick of this team stinking at sports. Like what is they're saying. I don't understand. I'm not buying in. Were traders were sellers were never buyers. Are the pirates ever going to be legit spur again like we had with mccutchen there for that one year run or two year runs are are the pirates. Ever gonna have a chance on with all these. The dodgers are spending a shift on money. The yankees were spending a ton of money and baseball is a big time. You spend a the money win. Sport isn't it. isn't that kind of what it is. A small market teams in baseball is tough right. You're going to have your ups and downs Tampa bay's figured out a model to do it. You know bench carrington's there in pittsburgh. He was He was with the rest socks. When i was there he he was the player development guy for us with the red sox where he he has a big understanding of how to develop talent. But if you're if you're gonna stink get and you're not gonna have a chance to win over the next three years. Let those guys go and this is my opinion. I mean there's many different ways to do it but you gotta get that young talent and get as much young town as possible. That's what the cubs did the cubs that so much young talent and then a mixed with older veterans that kid you'll get that talent to keep rising and getting better and better so they have a chance. I know you know one of the player development guys. John baker good buddy and they got some good pieces there to help do it now about getting that wealth of talent there that's young and developing it and sometimes that's not as easy as seven done. I've heard that we did get young talent again. Which is crazy. Because i've also heard that for the last thirty five and by the way the young talent whenever they get good guess what the fuck out ship them out all right. Let's all that archer deal. That archer deal was the that was the kiss death. I mean they gave away way too much talent for archer That was insane. So you if you're gonna give away talent you've just gotta make sure you pick the the the right ones to give away not the wrong ones. That's baseball. I thank you so much for waking up drinking coffee with selling to the beautiful people over there and giving us great important ever. You said you're working for nestle. Made sense because i mean this was incredible here. Thank you for everything you just did. I feel like i know the baseball now. I'm just glad as now baseball show. It's amazing ucs appreciate you man. He's a good guy he's guy what's his loma. That's right their brew coffee as well. I like you did. I wanna let everybody know..

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