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Screams panic sirens victims line on the ground by sander's shocked and confused as to what to do to help the threeyear aftermath of the terrorist attack with a vehicle weaponized to kill pedestrians it looks as if some have been thrown into marketstalls by the force of the impact it appears the white fan may travels several hundred meters along the city's most popular thoroughfare before finally coming to a halt and he thought that this could simply be a road traffic accidents and with the site of armed police swarming through the area looking for suspects it was late afternoon the historic last rumbustious district was packed as usual with locals and tourists whose central strip is pedestrianised but cars are permitted to travel either side as the dad's an injured les were they'd been hit those who had a narrow escape tried to get to safety so a woman in the green and corrupt frequent very very quick you out we spoke with guns bombs everywhere sergeant push barduci y k o talk what caused people who is running during this way decrease we looked ego screaming at people can your body by probably got running towards screaming unhealthy environment and grabbed the toto elite who very nervous and and turning direct away to saying that there's the e kristiadi's onlu the here and that was dangerous due to their own catalan police said the death toll is expected to rise in woods sky news all right as we continue our two sean hannity show the latest out of barcelona and we keep getting updates in terms of those injured and killed in the number keeps going up one suspect in a van has been arrested there's been a shoot out and yet part of an ongoing pattern of neverending terrorist attacks all throughout europe and the united states and frankly the world than the world's inability once again to deal with these terrorists whatever form they usually take it doesn't matter we don't deal with it joining us now buck sexton host of buck sexton with america now former cia agent nypd intelligence division specialised rahim qassam is with us editor of breitbart london author of his brand new book.

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