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Watching. Plus, it's free. That's perfect. I'm gonna go check out transportation nation dot com. Right now, he's significant snowfall forecasts the past few days. WCPO meteorologist Steve Raleigh, explaining Why more sleep than snow fell normally on a snow day we've got right from the clouds all the way down to the surface, just cold air. Now we knew there would be a small wedge, mostly to the south east of some warmer air, but that warmer air spread across a good portion of the tri state. And when that happens, we get the freezing out of the clouds. It melts going through and then refreezes bringing us the sleep right at the surface. And not only do we get that band set up It actually expanded so much that that's why so many places had more sleep than actually snow. And that, of course, cut down all of the totals. Another chance for winter weather comes Wednesday night into Thursday. I'm Sean Gallagher news radio 700 WLW. Now the latest forecast from the advanced industry Weather Center advanced industry would like to say thanks. It's an honor to serve our community during this time and always visit no fear, Dennis Don Kam. We're still seeing the lingering impacts of the heavy sleep from yesterday and some of that snow on road So you're probably going to have AH, least tough time getting the vehicle cleaned off outside this morning, but potentially some longer commute times also windshields this morning into the single digits. We do see a high of 20 but at the best we're talking about. It feels like temperature of 10. It will be cloudy today Tonight, Down to six and tomorrow Mostly cloudy and high of 24 from your severe weather station. I'm nine, first morning meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark News Radio 700 wlw. About 15 degrees. It's good to the latest traffic. Still, some still some freeways. Excuse me. I kind of lost wasn't able to hear myself there for a second, So I do apologize. Let's get to the latest traffic and.

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