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Four forty nine degrees downtown at the arch the full forecast in ninety seconds homicide. Detectives are on the scene right now in the Hamilton heights neighborhood of north Saint Louis police say a man called them just before nine and told them he shot another man it happened on Arlington between MLK and page. Officers say the victim was dead when they arrived a federal indictment accuses three Saint Louis city. Police officers have beating and undercover colleague during 2017 protests, eight 2017 protests and conspiring to cover it up a fourth officers accused of helping cover up the crime. The US department of Justice on Thursday announced the indictments of officers. Dustin Boone, Randy Hayes, Christopher Myers and Bailey Coletta all four suspended without pay. Last summer. We told you about a mystery buyer negotiating a takeover family arena from Saint Charles county. The deal is now off why? We asked county director of finance Bob schnurr when it came time to really put the consideration forward for the deal that party was unable to do. So Schnur says the county plans to continue to own operate the arena unless someone comes forward with an offer will well listen to us, but we are not actively seeking buyers for the arena at this time. And don't really envision that in the future. He says the arenas financially stable for the county. But wouldn't say it makes money for them? Looking at the forecast, cloudy skies tonight, areas of fog and a stray shower low of thirty five four tomorrow areas of fog in the morning, otherwise cloudy, high of fifty rain expected tomorrow night, it is forty two degrees in Saint Charles forty four and Edwardsville forty nine downtown at the arch. I'm Brad showed Cam wax. News time ten oh six..

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