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I've heard other comments of players in the MBA like I mean, Star players are starting to flex their muscles more Yeah, they really are. I mean, Over the years that l. A won the cup, 2011 and 11. 2000. I think 11 and they won back to back. Did they not know? No, They didn't win back to back They won and then someone else they want in 2011 12 and then 2013 14. And that makes something back. Um What Well, I was just looking at the contract status of Drew Dowdy. Um He was only making seven million. Then only he's been making a lot of money for a very long time. Like he is. He finished that he finished the one deal for 56 million and then signed the other one for 88 million. Yeah, it's a lot of money. Yes. Six years left on on the current deal that he has now making $11 million a year and the doctor gonna be able to move that are they He's a great He's a great while without not all of it. I mean, not all of it. They're gonna have to pick up they're going to have to. If you have a plan on moving on from him, which I don't think they do, and I don't think he wants. I think he wants to be a lifer in L. A I really do. Yeah. If that's the case, then he should be. You know, basically being you should be a player. But how many years do you have left with dowdy? Think? How many years you haven't until you said six? Okay. How many years Really good years of dowdy Do you have left? Four for sure he's not going. Yeah, Kay. Thank you. Six. Can you like I I honestly believe like this. This deal's gonna take him till he's 30 36 years old. 30 30 37 years old. I believe that Drew dowdy will give you a minimum. 3 to 4 years of still elite. Um Elite defender in the game today, he's he's a great, great, great player. There's no question um But You know, transition, and I think Drew dowdy above all should understand that. They're that they're in a transition. They are in a transition. We're talking about l A and what they'd have drew dowdy talking about how he wants to not worry about what the prospects are and the guys coming up. They have some good veterans there they think they can still win with so it kind of spells. You know, bring in a guy like Jack Eichel. And And that might be true. And it might. It might be true, And it might just be easy to talk about on the radio. But, Craig, I wrote it to you this morning in a text message, and I meant what I said. When Ryan O'Reilly said what he said at the end of his postseason press conference. You knew he was done here. You knew he was done here. Okay? And Jack Eichel says has his year ending press conference and I instantly thought there's no way he's going to be back next year. And I just I wake up today and I have have. I just have no idea. What direction The sabers could go with Jack Eichel. They could go any which way and That's you know, that's why having Craig Button on his is big Tudo to find out if Jack is even tradable on his current condition, But I I have no idea. I have no idea what The outcome is going to be For this team with Jack before the start of next year, Like Drew, Dowdy says, Bring them in before. Training me ask you this If we were to bring back Jack, sign Sam to another lucrative contract, Long term deal and keep Risto. You feel confident that we will make the playoffs next year? No. You. Absolutely not S O So my question to you is at what point in time does An organization have to make and realistically look at number one. What we're paying our players like you're paying Jack Eichel $10 million a year. Sam Ryan hurt is going to be making seven. Easily $7 million a year..

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