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Yeah, no doubt. I don't know. I'm out of the game and maybe one day I'll be back in. It's not like it's not fun, but. I guess we just got burnt out knows I don't know how else to explain it too much drama. Yeah, yeah, a little bit. I mean, I really enjoyed talking trades and stuff like that. But this headline white as in Dana white would have no problem if Alvarez leaves the sea and I guess, didn't we hear right? Eddie Alvarez played out last fight on his contract, right? I think that's what he said on our show. Yeah. So what do you think of white saying that now, if you just read that you could kind of be reading it in and be taken aback and say, then the white man. Why is he being thick like that, blah, blah, blah, you know, but who knows how was asked to them. I just happened to click the headline ten seconds ago and saw that I if I'm Dana white, I wouldn't like Alvarez to leave the, but I guess if Alvarez is asking a lot of money than I think Dana point is look will move on without him and it's so true and the UFC can't emphasize this enough. The UC only cares about the u. of c. they enter into a one night agreement with you. All right. I know your campus ten weeks, long weeks long, but basically it all boils down to fight. They will pay you this much as long as you fill out and you're part of this card, and that's it. That's ninety five percent of them. Maybe ninety eight, I don't know. And then there's a few others that actually can sell tickets. They do put their asses and seats and people by paper views or turn on their TV and create ratings. Those are the ones that are valuable to them. Some of them they're willing to lose, but it doesn't matter because collectively these fight cards are just gonna. They're gonna do what they're supposed to do. And. They can part. They parted with gig Masasi. They've parted with Ryan Bater. They've parted with Phil Davis. They've party with her Anderson. They've parted, it has hurt though. Time home where you wish you've had some of those guys matchup. Oh yeah. They were all in their hell. No, I hear what you're saying, but I don't think it'll hurt heels. I mean, yeah, won't kill them, but it's definitely hurt. Yeah, that's why when they all go up one on one with UC free agency, they basically don't have much of a leg to stand on ninety. Nine percent of some of them do, and you've see will listen. But the UC consider crashing say, why would choose the leaves and shake your hand? You know, good luck. 'cause they got plenty. I'm talking plenty of killers there that are willing to take your spot. It's sad that it is like that collectively fighters collectively, you stand much stronger, but one on one. Good luck. All right. We're gonna. Take a break here. When we come back, we'll start off the second hour. Our first guest will be John mcdevitt. You'll see light weights. They close it semi junkie radio on the news, fight nation channel. Anything. Training. Vegas starred in. And maybe you've noticed that you have a little less hair than you used to have. I know I have, but you're not sure there's a real solution. The thing is there.

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