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Four because Lincoln fully expects to lose that election and back, then the president and choose the running mate. But Lincoln thought the election was important enough that he was involved in a secret intrigue. Swap out Hannibal Hamlin for Andrew Johnson because he needed a war democrat from a border state and Johnson, the only southern Senator stay loyal to the union with enormously popular in the north, and he was reviled in in the south, and we were supposed to get Abraham Lincoln's vision for reconstruction, but when the bullet of John Wilkes booth gun ends up depriving us of that opportunity. We end up with a man who was born a racist died a racist last president to own slaves. Didn't emancipate own slaves until seven months after the patient proclamation. We end up with him having a blank piece of paper to design reconstruction from scratch and Andrew Johnson. The worst view of anybody's president in history. He's completely neabry aided while taking the oath of office. It's supposed to last thirty seconds. It. Turns into a seventeen minute rant against the political aristocracy. He calls out every member of the cabinet. He can't remember the name of the secretary of the navy. He then proceeds to Slava all over the bible, and then he's too drunk swear. And the new senators so he asks a very young Senate clock to do it instead of him what socking about that up Assode of courses that Johnson would do that and start off on such a foot. But to me it also speaks to Abraham Lincoln's forgiveness incompassion because essentially Andrew Johnson goes on ice for awhile in Lincoln stands up for him in vouches for him and says, Nope, he's okay. We can we can live with this yet. I actually think had Lincoln not vouch for him. There would have been. There was already nothing pressure. Andrew Johnson to resign as vice president and making out and said, no, no man has any right to judge Johnson. That hasn't been through what he's been through in Lincoln, Lincoln admired. The fact that Johnson had stayed loyal to the union. He admired the fact that he's given up essentially a bomb proof seat in the Senate to take on the military governorship. Of of Tennessee, much rested, his life and his family's life. But Johnson ends up as president. When the civil war is over resurrecting almost every element of the confederacy. He delegates the delegates civil rights to the states. He gives amnesty to you know, you know, the entire confederate leadership faster that that that expected and as a result of Andrew Johnson, you get the black codes, which is a precursor to the Jim crow laws come after the election of eighteen seventy six ending reconstruction. And you get the subsequent segregation. Now, the tragedy of all of this is you could have reversed the tide of Andrew Johnson. I it was possible and the one man who could have done it was James Garfield. So in eighteen eighty Garfield wins the Republican nomination without seeking it the delegates thirty four dollars decide they don't want you this grant, they don't want games playing and somebody shouts out Garfield man and momentum builds and he gets on the nation, and he jumps to the front of the convention hall says I protest a man who. Does not seek the nomination cannot be given the nomination and they give it to him. Anyway. So Garfield completely detached from politics and patronage obligations had as two of his primary goals are political objective. Universal suffrage and universal education. And you know, the Jim crow laws had only been around for four years. If anybody could have put some of it back in a box and reverse the tide of segregation, it was James fueled. But a mentally ill office secret named Charles could tell put two bullets in him for months after taking office. It's interesting you've probably looked at it to. But I went back and read the trials of Guitao, and it was to think about the modern trials we've had that have become pop culture events. What guitar was doing in that courtroom was amazing. It became a sensation that he was this man who was perhaps delusional. But also said something remarkable when he killed president Garfield. He said he did it to put Chester into the presidency. Now, we'll talk in a few minutes about teddy Roosevelt who you call the most successful accidental president, but Chester Arthur had the best turnaround story, why did Chester Arthur come in with such disadvantage?.

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