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Visit YMCA D.C. dot org for free guest pass today Robs don't worth wt traffic Now for your forecast this weekend let's go to storm team force Michelle Grossman Good morning sandy It's a cold one once again today Lots of sunshine though We'll keep that sunshine in place We'll see highs upper 20s to low 30s And then tonight partly cloudy skies those high clouds will keep the temperatures from plummeting overnight It's so cold just not as cold as last night Lows in the low 20s And then by Sunday mostly cloudy skies a little clipper system is going to come through That's going to bring some light snow maybe some flurries into the area late Sunday Otherwise highs in the upper 30s to low 40s And then it's quiet once again on Monday High pressure back in control mostly sunny skies breezy and cold highs in the upper 40s the 30s and near 40s So still below normal for this time of year We get closer to average early on Tuesday mostly cloudy skies and then an Arctic front comes through once again That could bring the chance of some wintry mix maybe a little thump of snow Otherwise we see highs in the low to mid 40s but behind that bitterly cold air we're going to be in the 20s by Thursday Right now it is 24 and 23 in Rockville $24 and 25 in D.C. And brought to you by Len the plumber trusted same day service 7 days a week Hi I'm Patrick fingal's owner a new look comes on People ask me Patrick can I get a new roof in winter Allowing an old roof to say unplaced through winter is not a good decision and unnecessary And new look we use a certified winner installation process that helps shingles bond on the coldest of days and it's the best time to buy Look when we make.

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