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I had to bring on guests. Because we've had this conversation just recently. In fact he is. The host of the talking birdie podcast. I'm talking about matt corolla. Matt Dwi thanks again for having me talk. The last time i was on. We're talking. twenty. Twelve draft class probably As depressing as low as a topic darkens phantom over the last decade has it can. I don't think it'll be reached those levels with the safeties. But it's certainly not the strongest position. I'd say on the depth chart. Yeah this one is going to have i think. A lot of question marks Honestly probably one of the ones where it may be better than what. I think we anticipated. It would be going into the season So let's sort of set the backdrop last year with the twenty twenty season. We lost demonte. Akc to an achilles injury which was just absolutely dreadful. Luck because of the fact that both ricardo allen and kiani will also suffered the achilles injury and then of course count and they also had a tornado. Yells years back So devastating injury to casey in the year where they were running. A lot of three safety looks kiani. Looked like he was a little bit better than the at been. Ricardo fell off a cliff. And of course going to this off season we had. We started a defense with three starting safeties. None of them are returning. Ricardo allen was cut primarily for cap reasons. But i i would say his performance fell off a little bit as well On the they opted not to try to retain him Probably because of the injury history. Of course he ended up signing with dallas and then k z also signed with dallas both Chasing after former. Head coach of falcons dan quinn. Who is now the offensive coordinator with the cowboys So that has set up the team to where they basically had to restock the position Almost entirely the only real carryover to this point is a player. We'll talk about a little. Bit jalen hawkins but matt right now. We're looking at the depth chart. You and i talked a little bit earlier this week. I was on your podcast. Which was fun we did. We talked about safeties. We talked about Richard grant the player that draft in the second room. But what's interesting to me is right now. If we look at the depth chart the two names at the top are the two veterans air karras and doron harmon. These guys are obviously intended to be stopgaps. they're both on a one year deal Neither guy is is the kind of guy that you're planning to build the future the position around but there should be serviceable starters drawn harmony. Think is Had some good seasons as well So what are your thoughts on. Eric harris drawn harmon. What they offer to the falcons this year. And what you think. Their potential for starting the entire year is going to be. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said there stopgaps. That's what they were brought in for. You want veteran presences in the building. Because you knew you were gonna overhaul the position. You knew you're going to get younger there. Which is what they did. When they drafted reggie grant fortieth overall. And then you know as you mentioned they retained jalen hawkins who the twenty twenty draft pick so again not sure hawkins if he's a long-term answer there the early reports at a camper promising now that he's he's made an impact to he's made plays on the ball so i am intrigued to see what he can bring. And you know what. I would say that hawkins before i get into some of the others. I think he's a better fit in dean pees defense and he would have been had dan quinn in the long-term head coach in. And i say that. Because i think hawkins is a bit of a twitter like he didn't fall into that prototypical strong safety dan. Quinn looks for allah kiana neil. And he's not really you know the cover one rangy free safety that you look for in say you know the prototype narrow thomas. He's more of a guy that again can do both things ten play. Closer to the line of scrimmage but he can also drop deep. You don't want him playing that cover one has said Would rather be covered to split safety. Look which again fits right into. What ps two. He runs more covered to than you know. Cover warner covers three. So i think there could be something there with him You know we'll see what the future holds. But i am more intrigued and we're optimistic about his fit enroll in impedes off a defense long-term. Then i would have been in dan. Quayle now looking at the veterans again. Eric would have never guessed he'd be the first free agent signing in the arthur smith terry gano era. But you know here. We are A guy that they prioritized in you know. I guess terry did have a connection to Being that eric harris started his career in the nfl. With the new orleans saints so a guy that he knows a lot about and again someone that Is is a great locker room presence going to be a great mentor already has shown already to be a great mentor. Richie grant as those to train together in the off season even prior to grant even becoming a falcon. So i thought that was pretty interesting and again i i do. Expect him to get a lotta run. I mean he was. He was a two year starter. The last couple years With the raiders again. I consider him a competent level player. He is not someone you want long-term but certainly can get the job done And you know hopefully it's more in a limited role and they and they work in the younger guys now withdrawn harmon similar.

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