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I've been listening to callers and watching videos, and nobody has said this simple fact, my dander took Adrian bonus. So all the sheet about Adrian, Latin is and go came after the my son of fight he's afraid to get to get himself heart in if airdrop Bronner cannoli letty send go when he knows that. You cannot autumn win these really show as you can see in the second half of Jesse Vaga fine. So that's it. I dunno. Our from pick run against it for Brana. Trust me. That's how I feel about it. Roberta right now, then out John ask by owner. Don't put me in that. I know why. I don't. Talking and dry day. I think you guys a little bit too hard on knowing. I just feel like. And dry. They and just needs to get a fight with someone what he say, maybe like triple g, you know, for people to appreciate him because he's not we we Buchan friends want him to be a Keillor, but he's not really akilah. He's just a good skilled boxer in. Oh, he's not that. So I think it was that getting appreciation just like Tyson fury started getting appreciation when he fought clay school and this while the fight, and then even this guy wants his name is illegal saunas really goes on. This never got appreciate got recognition from the US onto. He did what he did to if you and he's not a killer ties impure is not a killer. And this supposed to be weight classes that you expect. Hi, ritual kale? So and tragedy fantastic. And do what he's doing to these fighters? He can do it to someone like people, gene. Then you get the predation war step impro- who is that's my call, Greg. I really agree about the Billy just like you got the right person against the new plan for the guy. Always come forward. He can have a look how you look if I. Man, mediocre people be David Muir every day. I've been saying for years you just keep on being proven to be a hit a time about the Naria about MU. They just keep rolling may be right. You know what? I mean, listen is boxing. And at the flip of a coin, you know, the tables could turn so lnu has. Wins. Like, he has losses. Like, there's a dude on his resume that I watched them be or rather. I watched the news to that. I still can't pronounce his name. You know what I'm saying? It's like Joe scene also out clean, but HBO stews do a lot and I still can't pronounce his name Zion. But lem you'll you know, he even lost a Rubio out think a long time ago like. They come up, and I used to watch a man he was little he was exciting coming up too. But they gassed them, and he was way more an jetted to let his hands. Go a lot more coming up. But. Year, then I'll be right on your level. 'cause I'm watching all these fights all these young people like all, right? Like, I knew about it causing fires right now like Marcus man markets got five years already in the game. He started two thousand twelve I'm apartments when I knew that arise bras. Ron John was going to go the distance with Nathan Gorman. I've seen lately gourmet fight several times. Now, always got that. Have. I was like doesn't really have that one not power either. So I knew that rise was not going to engage engage with Parker any engage with Ortiz. Ortiz better boxing and knows how to pick his shots better than Parker or Gorman. Sorry. You're going to be teaching people, man. You're nobody There's nobody sit on. sitting without you. If you don't know Ryan got an interview with me, and we all know, we heard we hear run intro. We know what how how high of a steam he holds next. So go over and check out runs interview. He did a great job because. Yeah. Ron and Daniel definitely killed. It. Got me working overtime. We're gonna keep these phone lines moving. We have I wanna I don't know cana- semi like a message on Skype. If you if situated your Mike, we're gonna go to this, very, new Skype caller. We got a mastermind it'll six six of those Joseph. He's ready. Talk to us. What's going on?.

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