President Trump, Chicago, Evonne discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


A deadly shooting in Chicago. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. The gunfire at mercy hospital on Chicago's southside verbal altercation occurring on the parking lot between individuals. They knew each other. There was a third subject out there that was a friend of one individuals. That friend attempted to intervene in the verbal dispute. Police superintendent Eddie Johnson that time are the male individual. Lifted up his shirt and displayed a handgun. So that individual acquaintance fled into the hospital, Chicago police officers Samuel Jimenez, Dr tamra O'neil and a pharmacy technician were killed. The gunman is also dead. It's not yet known if he was killed by police or took his own life in Denver one person was killed three others hurt in the shooting in the downtown the motive for that shooting. Not yet known police are looking for a suspect. The sheriff of Butte County, California says the remains of two more victims of the campfire have been found bringing the number of dentists seventy nine survivors, try to recover tens of thousands of people are homeless in paradise, California. It was already a pretty lean housing situation before the wildfire. Now Brad Alexander with the governor's office of emergency services says they're working with private groups, nonprofits and FEMA interviewing each individual family to find out what they need. Fox's Jessica Rosenthal. President Trump's daughter and advisory Evonne could Trump said hundreds of emails about government. Business for a personal Email account last year. That's according to the Washington Post reports the emails went to aids cabinet officials and others a spokesman for Evonne. Could Trump's lawyers says wall transitioning into government, MS Trump, sometimes used her private account almost always for logistics. He says no classified information.

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