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Double burger and I'm twenty and that's all there is that's what I want he went back well so much for the food was just really a course of Monday night ten PM Bloomberg radio Bloomberg television world writing you know we make jokes about the folks with the B. it's exciting as a beginner yes absolutely it's a beginning of American yep you go I wouldn't go New Hampshire than were off the south Carolina's lose a thing called Superbowl Tuesday yeah I think so much J. who she cura plays that's what's going to happen let's look at the markets of what's it was on doing markets negative two twenty five go to cash Amazon up about nine percent here I mean it's it's now at one point zero two trillion dollars of market cap here so just extraordinary here for some work you know stock trading two thousand thirty dollars per share eight and a half percent good L. apple bloom bull market over down three dollars three hundred twenty I share Amazon up and over the rest of it you know and I got to admit folks down to thirty Dow twenty thousand six thirty one the Vic seventeen point two one it's still sort of Midland and not look at the two year hill I'm Mrs oh seven so much fun looking apartment or spread for Sir really the two year yield breaches one thirty nine yep which is one thirty eight we now to one thirty seven ninety I'm still not a the two percent yield what are you on the one ninety nine watch on the go okay don't there it's a solid two beeps away and I I just don't see the elasticity is not there in the thirty year bond where it is with a vengeance in the two year yield so there's a lot going on a little street that sterling is well Tom at one thirty one here up a little bit so interesting because you never get that brexit it's tonight Tom it is tonight it is let's go to Michael bar now thank.

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