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Today I called the woman to give her the bad news her daughter's birthday venue which is scheduled way in advance is not available anymore and I know it's short notice but these things do happen especially when someone is willing to pay much much more than her sure she'll understand and your phone tap right now the mornings on the twenty ninety two point five hello hi I was looking for Jamie Hey Jamie this is mark steel I'm calling from dentures entertainment how are you doing I'm doing great thank you how are you well I'm not too not too good today I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we are actually going to have to cancel the party for your daughter this weekend really sorry are your calling to cancel I mean I'm not I'm not understanding I'm sorry three months ago her fifth birthday party I called and spoke with your associates three months ago and doctor scheduled I do see that on my notes I do see that you had scheduled a little while ago but we kind of double booked and so it's just not gonna work out and I appreciate you understanding that okay well actually I don't understand that what do you mean you double box that will look for what will double looking usually means that two parties were booked for the same space at the same time I know what double booking how did it happen honestly I you know I don't think the details are really going to help in this situation no I think the details are important if you're telling me that I booked my party three months ago when you had a double block in you're not going to give me the details that doesn't make that point taken and all right fine I'll give you some of the details if you have to know what a mom came in here earlier today with the cutest little.

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