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Winter games chief such the show the commission this stores skiers sidelined in suci with a knee injury racing not only for herself but to honor her leap grandfather his initials hanwritten on the side of her helmet i wanted to win so much because of him but i still think we didn't talk night on the ice for the united states she received maridi to now kicking off the lady short programme with an unexpected tumble sean miller and the ride nagas to looking to repeat the triple axel she nailed in the team event last week with third woman ever to land the move in olympic competition yeah but on wednesday naga sue unable to complete the tricky move still bouncing back to finish her routine medal hopes dashed for the american men's hockey team curry after they were beaten by the czech republic during this dramatic shootout in overtime but one american team still poised to take on the golden women's hockey the united states hoping to end a 20year gold medal drought face off against their fiercest rivals in the northern team canada and you guys ready for redemption eds up to put into words what each learning and training for years for this warned an immensely are you already to win gold what do you say to yourselves this game thousands of times has by thing for very confident going into thursday those abc's amy rohbock reporting it's one fortyfour global news aaa traffic every ten.

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