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Septa, Philadelphia, K. Y. W. discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


At the acme and pay only sponsored by acme download the acme apt to save septa has suspended all bus trolley and subway service within center city Philadelphia at the request of officials because of demonstrations K. Y. W. as mark Abrams reports set to hold service within city borders the boxes police have labeled it with all bus service suspended south of Vine Street north of South Street and east west river to river sept is Andrew bush at this point we expect that it will be in effect for a good part of the day if not the entire day he said trolley routes will be limited to service to and from thirtieth street with service still continuing into the neighborhoods in west and southwest Philadelphia the market Frankford line will continue to operate with service on the west end of the line running between thirtieth street and sixty ninth street east and will continue running between Girard and Frankford transportation center the Broad Street subway will only operate between fern rock transportation center in Girard station on the north side and between Ellsworth federal and energy stations on the south bush says access to limited regional rail service will still be available at both suburban and Jefferson stations were sept the police will limit access only to riders Marc Abrams KYW newsradio at ten twenty five it's money news on K. Y. W. his bluebirds Larry top ski week is off to a modestly higher start for Wall Street signs of a pickup in the.

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