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Brain. It's good for depression. It's a great supplement. Very safe are ubiquonol. We have a sixty milligram. I we have one hundred and twenty milligram. I take two hundred and twenty milligram every morning with breakfast because I'm turning sixty five and I want a young heart. But also gives me energy. The last thing on special this morning is our vision formulas are macula formulas. It's important. They're important products. It turns out watch good for the is is good for the brain. Which may shoulder sense in the world. I never thought of dislike ten fifteen years ago. But recently, it's come to light. It makes sense. Sighted people people had vision about ninety percent of your information comes from your vision, unless you're listening to the radio that would be your hearing. But normally in a day by day basis. Ninety percent of your information is coming through your vision. In fact, one the eye. Doctor looks inside your eye with that little sculptor actually looking to actually looking at a party of brain the optic nerve, which connects tobacco the idea brain is actually a protrusion directly out of your brain. So it turns out the nutrients very shame. Nutrient started good for your eyes are good for your brain. And that goes without exception. I'll car with a LA vitamin E vitamin c. Right down the line, zinc selenium. So if you take these vision formulas, they narrowed an aging brain now, why do I say that? Custody absorption of some of these things declines with age. We don't know why. For instance, there's a pigment and vegetables and certain foods called Luton. And the research shows you need about ten milligrams a day to address the health of aging is secure vision health to help protect efficient, otherwise they're more likely to develop cataracts, glaucoma age related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness and aging people UV Itis, which is responsible for about twenty percent of all cases of blindness and aging people, you'll be Odyssey's inflammation in front of the I h will innomax legit generations damage in the back of the day. Could both lead the blinds. So Latino helps prevent both of those. What they found is people even on a really healthy diet, a really healthy diet spinach, broccoli what a salad egg yolk shoulder. Good stuff that contains looting. They only get about two and a half milligrams absorbed every day into their bloodstream, whereas you actually need about ten milligrams. So what it becomes really important, in fact, downright responsible to take a lateen supplement after the age of fifty. There's Manny Manny Manny human clinical trials. Showing that when you give Luccin to aging people versus placebo versus no looting versus a fake pill. The health of their is improve the anatomy of their is is made younger, and as the health of their eyes on the anatomy of their eyes, improves care fishing gets a little clearer effect. They found that older people with myopia nearsightedness and it wearing glasses. It improves benefited glasses and improves their best corrected vision..

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