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To Bloomberg daybreak Europe. We're live from London. We're live from define the rest of the world. We've got a market situation here that is evolving cautiously, then trading mixed Tuesday for the stocks bit equity session after the threat of new tariffs on European goods from President Donald Trump Dan pit risk appetite. A little bit. Let me run through some of the highlights. Here gotta make up about a fifth of one percent. Stocks have been fluctuating China, we're currently flat on the CSI three hundred it terms of European and US equity futures currently called clearly lower for both. We are currently on the five hundred mini about a tenth of one percent, lower similar kinds of signs coming out of the European equity picture bear in mind that we're looking out for socio Generale after that big announcement on the job cuts. It terms of the FX space. We have a Bloomberg dollar index. That is steadying just a little bit here. You currently looking at a flat index perfectly flat flat as a pancake. Some of the other key pairs your one twelve sixty four largely unchanged. Dollar-yen bit of movement. There about a tenth of one percent lower one in eleven thirty five and cable out of the blocks at one thirty Seventy-three commodities. We've got Brent crude scaling back some of the gains from overnight session. But then about a tenth of one percent. Just around the seventy one dollar a barrel handle for Brent. Crude gold is under a little bit of pressure. US tenure yields are steadying swell. We couldn't two point five two for that particular tenure. Let's get into some of the top stories. We're watching for you in a bit more detail starting off with the United States. They are proposing tariffs on a host of European goods. In response to harm. The White House says is being caused by legal subsidies on Airbus fifteen years after the US I complained about unfair competition for Boeing it says it plans to target European products, including helicopters, seafood, cheese, and wine. The threat comes to says e you members are in the final stages of agreeing terms to begin trade talks with the Trump administration. Theresa May heads Berlin. And Paris today as part of an effort to win a short Brexit delay. The European Union's preference is for a longer delayed in the prime minister wants meanwhile, you've got cross body talks aimed at security consensus on Brexit. They are also continuing Jeremy Corbyn accused threesome may of failing to compromise that we prepared to Tolkien put forward views talks have two main. They move on. And so far there's been no change in those red lines. Jeremy corbyn. The government has announced UK's is preparing for the European elections in may this ask provoked outrage for some Tories, and let's talk about demand for Saudi Aramco's first international bond that offering skyrocketed world's largest oil company was see seventy five billion dollars in orders. Neal's may fall below Saudi Arabia sovereign debt. That's rare situation for state owned oil company to be in all of this marks turnaround from last year, you recall, Wall Street briefly shunned Saudi Arabia following the murder of journalists America Sochi. And briefly much earlier in the market. Check. Just add a few more details on these job cuts that are on the way at socio. The French Bank is cutting sixteen hundred jobs globally, mostly at its investment Bank training revenue slump pushed sock Jen to testify efforts to improve the unit's performance. The reductions will focus mostly on fixed income trading. All right. Let's get you the latest in.

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