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In our the i understand their outrage on i'd be upset of our part of our member one columbine happened on was here in south in school i came from colorado i lived in denver a right around the corner from columbine so i i the most of my friends came to me and said when it came over on the dg no anybody you know what what happened where is this you know from there so i i get it i understand because i was a student in high school at that time here in alabama though i was a transient from denver colorado so i get it i was upset i was like why did this happen i do think that a lot of the excuses there being made aas violence and video games violence on the tv i think it's more along the lines of a clip that you played that we and there's no father figures were for these young men who are reaching out uh the kids do deserve a voice that it's important but we also have to understand is three weeks ago we were having politicians introduced bills for tied pods to prevent this same generation from doing the tide pageants because it was dangerous so i got to push back on england guscott the now sound like a diminishing okay a couple of weeks ago gyaltag metabolized right but now you are serious about this here no no no the politicians were introducing bills to limit the amount of tied pods that these kids could get right at this age and that we were questioning whether or not they were mature enough to do anything and now the narrative is etc if he went there because the narratives coming out now that you know you've got the sudans that went through it and are standing up in her saying the order now now we're champion this generation this is the next generation their vote matters well a couple of weeks ago we were making fun of them because that will emerge i love him either it was the stoop ekeus who wanted to do the time i challenge those like stupid kids do play listen playing russian roulette is i hope it right over it right but that's always been abrupt people told them not to do it in.

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