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England. Mr Poppin poppers pop and tangled poop. We wrote a song what we'll frozen stuff and and creature is there is this story sends him by Holly Gabrielson of Nevada frequent reconfirmed to the show and roommates I should say of my but scientists melted ancient ice and a long dead worm ridden so yeah in all sorts of aliveness. A team biologist melted some Siberian across to look from microbes and an ancient survivor wave. Hello in the slightly floral a writing a feature as dot com but it is linked to a Washington Post article. So I do trust of the University Tennessee. Microbiologist Tatyana Vishnu Vits Work Petri dish. Yeah thank you. That's a solid science scientist named from a Hollywood movie as well like that's real like Tatyana fifteen. That's real good next block. It's going to be played by Scott Johann. That's incredible that is so very shelly that there's hope for Disney right. The cryogenics does does that mean. Oh Yeah who did that? Were obviously at some point you. You're asking yourself how did the Worm Harish? Yes so I don't think so so. It was on the Petri dish it was it was Paul nematodes half millimeter long roundworms that sprang back to life. As the ICE FOR ICE AGE ERA. Frost melted around them. The against lot survival story may suggest that life could survive extreme conditions including those on other planets Vishnevskaya. I hope I've saying differently every time. But they're all conversions things that the worm which of the most complex organism to survive being frozen and thawed so far at least are forty years old. She said yes so. She suggested that the Washington Post that they could have survived indefinitely in the ice as long as the poem across state stable if they survived forty one thousand years worms nematode expert. Gaetan Burgundy of Belgium's extreme life. Your Institute has one of those worms. I would.

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