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Rashan Gary probably from last year that's the one that I draw a lot of the comparisons to wear Hey man this guy has got freakish measurables but his numbers during the season don't necessarily back it up so where's the disk there's a disconnect somewhere we gotta figure out where it is but most NFL guy like you said Jamie all it takes is one team one coach saying oh I see that that vertical leap I see that blazing speed I can I can do and I got into an appellate waiver and not just an apple wide receiver a stud NFL wide receiver so he's him in Ruiz were the guys that I was expecting to climb up most probably with Klay cuts in and Josh you J. behind them but yes this this was a great opportunity for the Wolverines to display what they've got but you know again Jamie what a lot of people out there are going to say we've got guys who go to the combine we've got what the second most invites we have more of these gold medals and whatever the metric that you were talking about earlier more of these metals then climbs you know a lot of these great great programs more than L. as you've just won the national championship and look like an NFL team out there doing it yeah where why why are we competing with those teams around the field well apparently it's not the athlete you know people talk about recruiting and talent clearly that's not the issue no Hey look at when you look at A. D. those kids went out and performed well I mean they were ready to go eight I mean I clearly they they're getting through the the ability to you know work out do things that they do I'm sure it doesn't hurt I mean what's his name been Herbert down there at the at the scene at the conditioning at at football inspired these kids got the kids ready there's no reason for these kids I mean look there we just will result in the first round here some some Marjorie was third fourth something like that he's moved himself in the first round with his combine performance and so again to me you know Jamie it speaks to again we have everything we need right here we don't need to go outside will need new players will need new coach we got everything we need right here we need to get it together he's got there and take care business we've got I mean again look at the measures it's not just guys are setting records for this year mean again some people John set the record for hi there you know for vertical yeah like all you know all these different things that these guys are doing it's incredible so we have it coach I've got the faith in you in this coaching staff with the new additions that we're bringing in we just say we got it we got to get it done so who knows damn well maybe maybe stick around here this year not going on a spring trip maybe this maybe that but we gotta we gotta get it done and we've got we've got the talent the these numbers speak to it no you do have the talent there is talent there it look anybody who thought you didn't have the talent well you do you do you have the talent you just gotta at least in terms of athleticism during which people can say you know diamonds numbers were down this year a little bit because he missed a few games early on in the season they're in different things like that but in terms of the again the athletic measurables which is why we do this whole combine thing we we can stack up with some of the those big boys that we want kids but also again like you said I mean Michigan state was in that third tier which they didn't nearly half of the season that any of those other teams had so again it doesn't always equate at you know apples apples things like that but it's it's a fairly good indicator that you know we've got at least some athletes who can compete on that level we might not have quite as many as every you know all these other teams like I'm wondering where Ohio state was when you mention a lot of those teams but again different different guys are different teams have different years were the recruiting classes do really well where they have certain guys coming out there was what two three years ago when Ohio state had thirteen underclassmen declare for the NFL draft right I think most of them ended up getting drafted so you know everybody has their year but you know to me this is this is an indicator that you know we we've got the we've got at least a few of the horses that we need to go ahead and make this make this bad boy run I don't know if it's a few more just a few more in the right places but again we've got we've got the talent now we just need to put it out there and put it all together right now this is the truth I mean you gotta look they they're doing what they're supposed to do the athletes there I mean you you had to be if you were a Michigan fan or a former Michigan after you got to be very happy what what you started out for those young athletes very proud of those young athletes is incredible what they were able to put on performance here this weekend and Jamie you you know could you had to do it you know how tough all the stuff is the pressure that comes along with it then a lot of fun out there I I I just I mean look I saw that's the way to do it Jamie is very Jamie this is arguably one of the most important days of your life yeah but it's a very hard time over again staying loose that's part of it but again it's very easy to tense up the U. you're somewhat used to that pressure J. mo because at that point you were used to playing in from a hundred thousand people regularly I know you said something that a normal person a quote unquote normal person doesn't have to deal with don't have to I don't you know we've got some people worry I guess if I don't hit the microphone button or this or that that's you know some of our good old in our listeners will hear it but again the pressure that a lot of these athletes are under it's it's incredibly difficult and to perform as well as our Michigan Wolverines did here at the NFL combine I mean it's certainly some you gotta tip your hat to no you're right and and look I I think so they were talking about I told you about the the we talked about the linebacker from Clemson he had an incredible he ran he ran an incredible three nine GMT I mean for big man like that my goodness he Kerry that's that's the demo you will you and I were talking about before the show that someone I would be upset if the winds reached up with that third pick and took him he's perfectly tight grip he's worthy of that number three pick again court you know that the defensive back from Ohio state I don't think he he is a first round cornerback he's very good but I don't think he's worthy of that number three pick a guy like Simmons out of Clemson where you know I don't I mean Jamie he's got both tape and the measurables to go along with it I mean he was the Hortons you know the heart and soul that that comes in defense for the most part this year with their all of the defense of Lyman they lost last year to the NFL draft certainly played a big role in the you know you saw how versatile he was throughout the year so he puts up those crazy measurables on top of it yeah that's the guy that I you know I would not be upset of the lines went went with him at that that number three pick yeah I'd be even happier if we could like trade back two or three picks and still get him that would make me really happy but I don't know if that's possible I don't know if if he'd still be around I don't know I don't know how high you jump with that speed with the run but I'll tell you what and see the thing about it is J. Zhong ke mare did it did all of his whatever he did but he did not participate in the combine he was going to do all his stuff as Joe burrows as as as did tell tour so with those guys they have to wait until their pro day but you know what everybody's got film on to everybody's got film on J. show everybody's seen them do what they do that gives them that I guess fair share check the date they they they don't have to perform they want to perform at home in front of a home crowd I guess you know which eight if you could do it in Indianapolis on their day just like I said I mean if you can throw the ball in Indianapolis I mean you you can start the ball anywhere because you're in front of that NFL crowd in front of those coaches that are gonna be coaching you well so what what do you say about the guys they couldn't they couldn't do it like somebody who's under a lot of heat who I happen to like I'm a big fan of his take from down from Georgia they were saying you know he he did not run a good forty time he did not look good throwing the ball but he's been a pretty day darn good quarterback down to Georgia somebody's gonna take don't worry I know look he's a good quarterback a lot of people like him I don't know if you've got this what's his name Mel Mel Khyber and Todd McShay got into a huge fight on Friday I think it was Friday and they made a bet of five thousand dollars winner pays the divi foundation five thousand dollars of which quarterback go get taken earlier who's going to be dead for the third quarterback taken they are what they agree first two hours later okay but Herbert Herbert took his mail Kuipers N. the kid from your last day Utah state I knew yeah yeah that's what I think it is Todd McShay and it looks like Todd's right some good measurables he's got good measurables and the one thing they like about him he could throw the ball like every which arming us like what's his name that effort what are we talking about a kid down in Santa Fe Kansas city Mahomes yes he's just bad behavior the bicycle day he looks a lot like getting their games because I can't remember I was watching a Utah state game earlier in the year I think they played del issue they played somebody bigger which he didn't perform too well but throughout the year yeah no he's certainly he certainly seems to have that NFL frame the kind of athlete that they're looking for at the quarterback position now so yeah it all there will certainly be someone who takes a chance on him so I'm gonna say this alliance look I don't have faith in you but we gonna miss it at all we mainly fly down you can still probably get this this young man from Clemson if we could Hey that would be the biggest biggest applause I would give the lines in a long long time I'm just saying look this is a view and I'm tolerance what is a demo just slide down take the linebacker that will be around for the next twelve years I'm giving you twelve years that kids go B. he still will be ball he's good do you feel good he is good at it and he's going to be a player that's gonna be around for the next the next four quarterbacks I give you he'll be around for the next four quarterbacks alliance will laugh what you doing your bit of a rotating carousel after voice Stafford here yeah which date lines have made then drive to I told you about that yeah I'm just saying hello R. S..

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