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Um they all were like yeah we are very comfortable because that's a big deal you know like addressing very loud and flashy 'cause you're gonna have to talk to the media after game if you're going to lose i mean it's an interesting thing it's a it's a big decision each week to figure out what the fuck you're going to wear i think it is an nottage jake for with indochino i wish i'd indochino when i was in the league but they are confident is a mother fuck a jerry and i don't know if they're gonna win but i think this game is going to be a good one i think it's going to see her game in an irish i respect jacksonville i really do but there's things about them that i just can't process like you've ben roethlisberger four hundred sixty nine yards and five touchdowns like oh i want to compare them to the great derives waves zerorezdenver a couple of years ago you mentioned seattle you know going back to the old ravens defense but wind in any of those teams ever give appointed sixty nine yards and forty two points and five touchdowns in a game i guess right but a lot to hail mary mary's almost none are really against that antonio brown was long euro 100 percent right though you're either island thought of that could give him a chance jury is if the weather is yours awful in the passing game is almost mitigated to where they're going to have to super short passes you it's too windy whatever's going on and he got to keep her on the ground ben jacksonville may have a little bit of an advantage with four night now they run short this sick talent at every level of that defense still i mean you mentioned the corners l throwing claes collaose campbell collegue camera as i saw months a guy who's basically a safety size guy playing defense event in the nfl and plan.

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