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9 11 happened, it felt deeply personal. And it's still does we have a car fire on the 57 in Braila? It turns on the Northwest side, and it is blocking the imperial highway off ramp. So looks like they're cleaning up here. But I until they're all finished, you can't exit there just exited Lambert. Instead, we're going to check in with Michael Brian K F Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Its head out to Glendale and Angel Looks like we had a little problem here on the 1 34. 1 34 eastbound at Grand Central and not sure it was an accident or stall. But when I get over the lanes are clear. So it a recovery mode. Kind of. Thanks, But no thanks for the memories from Bob Hope Drive. Now up ahead here in Pasadena. You're going to be on the brakes on East 91 or east to 10 That's going to start at a downtown Pasadena. There. At Fair Oaks, Farrokh sits on and off the breaks out to Citrus and then once again Much of the way through San Dimas out their mother to 10. Really? Not much of a gap to this swelling at baseline baseline again through Rancho Cucamonga. So it's a very tough trip there. Looks like the 10 eastbound, not a whole lot better. You've got slowing their from city terrorists overthrew West Covina. It's going to loosen up a bit, and then back on for the Kellogg interchange through Montclair. Injured in an accident visit Superwoman Super Lawyer Com Michael Brian K. F. I am the sky in Capital Beach five South Bend heading into the Dana Point area just passed communal Capistrano a car fire blocking the carpool in left lane. Big delays out of San Juan Capistrano KF eye in the sky helps gets you there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez this hour of K F E is brought to you by son Lux, your best value in solar for all your energy needs. Son lux dot com Steamy weekend ahead will tell you about it next.

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