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In Escambia, Santa Rosa. And Okaloosa counties in Pensacola, a storm surge of more than 5.5 FT one bar slamming into the Pensacola Bay Bridge early Wednesday morning, smashing away the road surface in Gulf shores. Alabama boats flipped over and strewn about. Flooding streets looking like rivers, the dark waters concealing hidden dangers. Yeah, Look at that alligator. That is right outside the window is going Into the neighbor's driveway. ABC is Rob Marciano reporting an audit finds that Seattle's bridge maintenance is underfunded by a lot and for the first time the city Council was briefed on those findings. Kemosabe Michelle Esteban with more 77 vehicle bridges owned and maintained by s dot were audited. Of those five are in poor condition. There are at least five bridges that were in poor condition and those should be prioritized. They include the Fairview Avenue bridge, which is right now in the process of being replaced. No Leah Bridge on major connector, Second Avenue South Extension Bridge and couching his two Bridges University Bridge all a priority. We must prioritize our basic infrastructure, light bridges for safety. To do that. The audit report recommends boosting the city bridge maintenance budget from seven million annually to nearly 35 Mil. Council member Alex Peterson says they'll look to the state and feds but insists the city's 2021 budget proposal do later this month. We'll have to include more funding for infrastructure and council committee members pointed out. They have to not only look closely at bridges in poor condition, but also those in fair condition. The West Seattle Bridge was actually ranked as in fair condition. And yet look what happened to the West Seattle Bridge. We have an inspection frequency for all of our bridges, and that's where we get These ratings and results when we see things that give us concern or create any inability for the bridges to not carry the trafficker loading that they're carrying. We take action nowhere yet on what s starts 2021 budget proposal includes, But Peterson anticipates additional even more specific inspections to come. This exploration by Department of Transportation to look at bridge condition component by component is likely to reveal more bridges that will Need additional investment. That's come on, Michele Esteban reporting Come on news time. 1 14, Speaking of bridges and other methods of Can Vance Here is Marina Rock Inger with our traffic report, And so far, traffic is looking pretty good. It's not bad at all for this midday Commutes wave no blocking problems reported at the moment. We love to be able to tell you that volume is extremely light. So if you do have to go somewhere be somewhere I think right now is a good time. You're next. Come on Traffic at 1 20 for the forecast from the camo forecast team. We've got that air quality alert that's been extended until 10 a.m. on Saturday. So stay inside if it all possible smoke throughout the day, today and tomorrow. For highs in the mid sixties toe low 70 slight chance of some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night.

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