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Other companies from United Airlines to CBS to Kraft. Heinz had already announced mandates on their own. But a recent poll by the Washington Post and ABC found seven in 10 unvaccinated employees would likely quit their job if their employer required them to be vaccinated. There is a lot to unpack with what was discussed yesterday regarding this vaccine mandated. I'll do that coming up here at 5 15 this little little logical questions you have to bring into the equation as well. But let's move on to number four. And this takes us to Grand Isle, Louisiana. This is the place that was hit by Hurricane Ida. It's a barrier island on the coast. People are slowly coming back to survey the damage from this hurricane. But there's unfortunately not a whole lot left for people to come back to. The cleanup is just beginning in Grand Isle for days. Flooded roads kept people from returning nearly two weeks since Ida hit Brennan, Young and her family are seeing the devastation for the first time. It was just it was a lot to take in right, so just even having what we have in my favorite place in the world, Young says her family will rebuild. But with nearly every home and business on the island damage, the small island town could soon become even smaller. Jim King has lived there for 16 years. He fears more people will leave the area then after Katrina. People don't have the money down. King's house is one of the few that still livable, but it will likely be weeks before he has electricity or running water. The day that hurricane hit they were doing an interview. One of the networks was doing an interview with the police chief of Grand Isle, and they were in the police headquarters They had about 13 or 14. People would kind of straggled in once the storm got really bad. They got the brunt of this. And this building. Thank goodness. It was extra fortified for these type of circumstances because they seem to always get them. But, he said, this is the first time I really don't think we're going to make it because there were already flood waters coming up to the windows and it went over the windows. Ultimately, they and they actually survived. Thank goodness but it was a It was really remarkable. Some of the videos that he took and we're able to get out of there before they lost connection to the outside world. Alright Then we move on to our number three story this. You remember this from 2017. It was all about time's up. It was all about men being put in their place. Well, time's up for the women's advocacy group called Time's Up, and the reason It has to do with the same thing that is dragging everything down in this country politics. The organization. Time's up has dissolved its advisory board, which included many Hollywood a list actors. Including Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Chastain as the organization undergoes an existential crisis. The advocacy group was formed at the height of the Me too movement but was harmed by its mishandling of the sexual harassment allegations against Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after reports surfaced that shows the group collaborated with Cuomo's administration on how he should respond to allegations and blocked a statement supporting one of his accusers among those stepping down on the 71 member advisory board. System. Molano Amy Schumer. And Gretchen Carlson. They were a group of what you call Hollywood phone ease that it was all about their politics that had nothing to do with women's women's rights or anybody being sexually harassed. It was all about what their political beliefs were saying with the me too. Movement. That's why I've never given it. Any credibility is anything more than a distraction? It's nonsense. It always was. Then we move on to number two, a group of elementary school students who was with then President George W. Bush when he first heard about the 9 11 attacks back in 2000 and one. This is a little bit more about what those, uh, those kids actually are doing nowadays.

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