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You know, I kind of thought I'd begin Lewis castio around the one thirties. One forties. This year, you know, with say that'd be with Masahiro Tanaka. Chris Archer J hap. And then you Darvish as as far as ADP goes. I kinda thought that's where Louise castio live. But he's up here at pick one ten and the pictures around him are Charlie Morton, the aforementioned didn't even know they were going back to back like that. And then David price there some split there, by the way there on a lot of stars that are right around that one ten Mark. It's actually to close right after his teammate rice, l glazed and Jose LeClercq and then Wade Davis and then Carl. Martinez down at one twenty six. So I'm surprised that the market is willing to buy in as much. So it's not like I'm really zigging, you know to go against the market to stay on in on. Louise casteel. It seems that the general market has. Agreed. Let's go ahead and stick here. So, but I still love him stalking me buying them. I know some folks have sworn off, but that that is a smaller contingent than you might have thought when when the season wrapped up, and we knew what what castio had on the board. All right, next up is the fourth of our tears here. We're looking at pictures forty six through sixty on my list on my top one twenty right now. And I won't go back to the well with one, but probably trying to get a little bit deeper here with the why on Jimmy Nelson. I've got him. You know, I could have done bus grow. It was it was musk Grover Nelson actually know what let's do wants to Moscow. Pardon me, taking a drink there. Let's let's call an audible and do grove here. Because Jason I just drafted him in the labor draft too. So he's kind of fresh on the brain with that. And and I couldn't really talk Jason into Jimmy Nelson. So we'd had one of the two I have them back to back at forty seven forty eight for me must grove when we give you some ADP's musk grove is going to away. He's going pretty late. I think Nelson's go and even later Nelson go into thirty four. So they're kind of close to each other. There's well, but they're back to back in my marines as top fifty starner's. I'm really excited about both. I think Joe must grow. This is definitely a buyback in on some hype from last year. I think there is a discount here. I want to say he was going within the top two hundred. But I can't quite recall Joel must groves stock last year. In fact, let me take a quick look. I actually have a little twenty eighteen eighty p that I think I can call it pretty quickly. I can't. So let me see I'll do that here. Again. We're calling an audible, so we're doing things on the fly. Please bear with me as you hear the Piter Pedder of me typing. No, this is this is a more expensive price. He was an afterthought last year. Three eighty three eighty was musk rose ADP. So this is more expensive. But not commensurate with what I think he did. So that that more accurately describes it because I thought he should be a little bit more expensive. Now, again, I don't want him to be when I'm in my draft rooms, but he is up to Jonas grove is after a four six one eighteen whip combo. Sixteen percent strikeout might as walk ratio built on his five percent strikeout rate or excuse me, five percents strike at five percent walk rate. We're big trouble. He puts up a five percent strikeout rate. He's in big trouble. So we don't want that at all. But one of the main things I like about Moscow's, I think he did well in his first full season as a fullish one hundred fifteen innings nineteen starts there was an injury there. But as a fulltime starters when I really meant because he wasn't between the pen and rotation last year his nineteen appearances were all starts. He did have the shoulder strain to start the season. So he didn't even start till may twenty fifth..

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