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By the Endangered Species Act is blamed for years of delays on a planned road project to make it safer for kids walking to and from the school the middle school one of the Thurston county commission is making it very clear he's fed up with it hears Kamose calling Johnson Thurston county commissioner Gary Edwards tells the Olympian he's fed up with the go for being prioritized over children the most I'm a pocket go for to be exact holding up a project which was approved years ago had silicon road southeast between Pacific Avenue and Marvin road because they can't get permission from the department of interior that says that the. over is more important than the kids there's just one lane in each direction no turn lanes no crosswalks are bike lanes and it is dangerous the interior department has to approve bill the county's mitigation plan for the pocket gopher and that's been going back and forth for years the project originally scheduled for construction in twenty seventeen now a grant for it has timed out and go on to other projects Carling Johnson como news going to time nine thirty seven a group of researchers for the north west may have figured out why your cat either loves you or low zero here's couples Ryan Calvert it's a legit question that likely deserves a legit answers as Sophie Bates with science news dot com. we'll have that reputation that you know Catherine they don't really care about us that's why you see all these articles that are like does my cat really liked me and I think with this study really show the threats were kind of not giving cats enough credit for the relationships that they form a class cats really do form strong attachments with people and we kind of see that they form attachments pretty similarly to the way that humans do or even dogs in order to prove this so for use as a group of researchers at Oregon State University first look at what's called an attachment style attachment from the basically the way you form a relationship with like a primary care giver like a parent or for Pat like an older there are apparently four of these styles is one which is secure attachment and that's like. the end of that year older really comforted by their owners present so like just the fact of having their own or their parents in the room make them feel comfortable and they can go explore a new environment and then there's three times in secure which can be ambivalent which is kind of like being really clean you needing a lot of attention avoidant which is a morning and running away or hiding and then was organized which is kind of a mix of both of like seeking attention in the not really wanting it running away all right so if you so how did they do this and what do you do with what we now know about cats. I kind of looked at this they had the kittens okay. a sense they actually put them in a socialization class and half moon took this class where they you know met with other cabinet with other people learn to set and then the other half didn't take the class so they were like the control group and the front of the cats actually weren't changing their attachment style selection indicates that once a person and a cat form a bond it's gonna stay pretty consistent for the rest of their lives like I said there's a really big life changing that. how can glance at first interaction with a cactus stupor crucial for setting the tone of her relationship still unanswered how a cat is able to detect the non cat lover in the room and proceed to engage said non cat lover Brian Calvert colonia daughter time nine thirty I we're just sixty seconds away from a sports update if you're listening to the rose like you start with lows to find the top brands like first alert B. R. K. and energize first alert has been protecting homes for over six decades you can be sure you're installing peace.

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