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Scott Sam's this is the K. R. L. the morning news thank you for being with us this morning I don't Texas congressman says he's working with FEMA now in the federal department of health and Human Services to expand testing for covert nineteen K. R. alis Allen's Geyer joins us live with details Alan the congressman Colin Allred join Dallas County judge clay Jenkins and infectious disease the infectious disease specialist from UT southwestern UT southwestern Julie Trivedi says they've seen even with more new cases are decreasing hospitalizations but she says warmer weather could lead to more large gatherings outdoors so it's important for people to keep following those social guidelines the past week or so had shown a decline in the number of patients required hospitalization however as we have seen in record numbers first new cases being reported over the weekend this may begin to change all ran Jenkins say the area needs more testing capability they say they're starting mobile testing sites to go into nursing homes the jail other place were you seen those clusters of cases but Allred says he's been in touch with FEMA and the federal health department to get more funding for tests saying they need to identify where covert nineteen is spreading fastest instead of just laying out a date to re open the economy reporting live Alan sky newsradio ten eighty KRLD seven thirty two now an updated model from the institute for health metrics and evaluation is suggesting taxes is past the peak of deaths from covert nineteen researchers say the peak was this past Sunday one four hundred seventy seven deaths were reported today worship just shy of five hundred and four hundred ninety five the models also suggest we hit the peak of resource use last week some experts warn though that a rush just to ease restrictions and relax social distancing guidelines will lead to a resurgence of the illness governor Greg Abbott will hold another briefing this afternoon and you can hear that sets two o'clock right here on KRLD it's seven thirty two now with the Cecil B. being the mother of invention this you're gonna you can enjoy the Levitt pavilion concert series from the comfort of your own home K. R. Lees and recurring Stein has that story the love the pavilion in Arlington is calling it the look at living room series it kicks off tonight with the show by fort worth singer song writer Brad Thompson article B. as in the Facebook live and they can choose whatever setting they wiped out the old mule with a love the pavilions as well Thompson would likely be performing in front of the Levitt flag display most others will be performing from home no normally the Levitt passed around a donation bucket at its free concerts so this year will be giving a donation link on its Facebook live broadcast not only to support free music but also to support something else as well we're also going to be accepting donations on behalf of area bag into Greenstein newsradio ten eighty KRLD KRLD news time seven thirty three CBS news update president trump says he'll temporarily suspended immigration into the U. S. to protect jobs as the economy re opens during the pandemic correspondent we judge Jiang sources say it will be a blanket ban and will have some exceptions and nuances all designed to avoid nationwide injunctions in the court system which of course played this administration's travel bans early in the president's term fitness centers and hair salons in Georgia will be able to open Friday restaurants and movie theaters will follow Monday Atlanta mayor Keisha lance bottoms our numbers are going up we really are at a loss and I am concerned as a mother and as the mayor of our capital city elective surgeries are resuming in Indiana WTTV TV is Mike Sullivan governor Eric Holcomb saying a corona virus numbers hold up in P. B. E. levels remain strong like the surgeries could start April twenty second so long as hospitals to prepare to do so CBS news update I'm Deborah rod again at seven thirty five A. K. R. LD more and more states re opening that stories coming up after traffic and weather together on the eighteenth we know we have so much stress in our lives the worst of it might just be financial stress Mike Rogers here from my friend mark Wilden at one eight hundred lawyers he's the man who can relieve you of some of that stress and replace it with a little peace of mind boy could we use some of that these days the company's going out of business jobs lost going into debt but there are laws in place that can give you that peace of mind to manage and control the dept whether it's credit card debt her falling behind on house payments car payments IRS issues medical issues anything that you may be struggling with and this may not be a called you want to make but if you're in.

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