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In Fort Worth some closures tonight on I twenty as well as tomorrow night is continuing on widening the Brian Irvine road bridge over I twenty in southwest Fort Worth as a result. All westbound lanes will be closed at nine o'clock tonight until six tomorrow morning and tomorrow night into Friday. It'll be the eastbound lanes is turn traffic will be diverted onto the frontage roads. And to precipitate this Brian turban road will be closed in both directions at the I twenty bridge. All this. Of course is weather permitting. Andrew Greenstein NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD Texas schools affected by Harvey could get additional funding from the state the exact cost to schools is still unknown. According to the TA's Leo Lopez. One of the ways we're currently contemplating is looking at a three year trend as to where a school district property values were headed prior to the storm, and then comparing that number to the final twenty eighteen certified values have a hearing on Tuesday state Senator Charles Schwartz summed. The problem that roughly more than one hundred fifty school districts are facing the only option for those school districts had a rapid decline in property. Dies would be to either diminish services are increased the rate in which they're taxing in. Austin? Chris FOX, News Radio ten eighty KRLD a company with more than seventy years of history. North Texas is operating itself to Europe Alcon, which makes eyecare products is based in Fort Worth but has been owned by Novartis since two thousand eleven the parent company says the divisional headquarters will remain in Tarrant county, but workers will start moving to Europe next year the spinoff, whether it's tax benefits should be completed within twelve months Alcon. CEO says the company has had a major presence in Switzerland for more than four decades. And that the change will expand the company's.

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