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Hello everyone this. Is david sparks. I am joined today by my co host. Mr stephen hackett. How are you today stephen. I'm good david how're you. I am outstanding. I i have to say. I'm just doing pretty well today. Man that's good to hear that the And we get a guest today. Welcome the show cathy campbell. Hey thank you so much for having me. I'm super excited to be here. Yeah overdue you know. We were both fans of cathy. Campbell and We kinda wanted to get you on. Makarios are so we could get down to the bottom of your workloads. I'm so excited to share my glitter. All right Before we get into the glitter Today when we get to the end of the show for more power users we are going to dive. Deep on all the new rumors around silicone. It seems like we're getting more like we're getting a lot more consistent rumors about the time line about all these new max to come out so we're going to we're going to hit in that you're going to stay around with us caffeine. Help talk about new max. If you'll have me. I don't know how much i'll be able to contribute but i will be here and i will make words with my mouth. There we go. That's all we need. kathy. For folks. don't know you. Can you tell us a little bit about you. Yeah i am cathy campbell. Also known as mrs soup in the chat or on all of the social media's Mrs soup because last name is campbell campbell like the soup. Ha ha so funny. Do you know how long it took me to work it out. Not as long as one of the members of my bridal party who took almost ten years to figure it out but you know always it always makes me so happy when i get a tweet or message of some sort. That's like oh my gosh. I just got it. It makes me so happy. The deal and i love it. What is since we're there. I mean what is your favorite campbell. Soup i mean must have one right. Well here's the thing. I don't actually like a lot of soup. Oh my gosh. I know i know it's blasphemy. I i'll pick Clam chowder as my as my choice. But as family. my uncle Kind of helped us identify which soups we were I am apparently chicken. Noodle my husband is tomato and then our child is split pea. Absolutely see you. I love it when i was pregnant. We called our kid split he before we knew the sex of the baby so that was always fun. That's a very specific buzzfeed quiz super. Mario tweet me at mrs soup. With what soup you identify as well kathy. In addition to to being named after soup but not particularly liking soup understand. Although i have to agree most soup out of a can isn't isn't really soup either way Tell us a little bit about your business and what you do. Yeah i am the unicorn. Sidekicks on kind of a business unicorn that helps businesses and industries all over the place Kind of getting their stuff together Helping support them in ways that they need in helping identify what they need or doing it for them or kind of just being that magical support person to better help them. Allow their business to run. The weight needs to run without letting it run them as a business owner. Yeah and the thank kathy. Does that really makes her such a great guests from power users is. She helps her clients with their technology in one of her assignments quite often as a client will come and tell them a problem. They're having and shall find the appropriate technology solution to help them solve it and as a result. She spends her time studying all these great tools and all of a sudden. She's got this wealth of knowledge. So we're going to tap into that today but also kathy. You are bilingual. I mean you speak. Mac and an ibm pc call ibm pc. All right just old. I'm sold. She's windows. And mac android and iphone and all the various platforms and i with all this experience. You'd be it'd be great to help you Have you tell your story a little bit to our audience. Yeah i will admit it's been. It always takes me a little bit of extra to translate pc. Because i have been away from it. I so long that If i have a client that uses. Pc i'm like okay. It's not the apple. You gotta go to the start button. That's right okay. And then not command. It's control and just all of the little things. So i don't know if i'd call myself bilingual so much as random student who visits the country that they've taken three years of language in and stumbles around pretends that they know what they're talking about. Yeah i get. I i got i think. I got Jerked around by listener at some point because somebody wrote insane You know should they be d- fragging i said on the show you shouldn't and then on the forums. They roasted me. Apparently nobody de france on windows anymore. But i i got an email asking about it. So i answer the question. I guess i need to spend more time on the windows side too but the Either way so. Cathy is kind of got her hands. In a lot and does a lot of kind of like system consulting. I guess is the way i put it in. I bumped into kathy both on behalf of clients and and she's just so knowledgeable. And i thought it'd be really great avenue and so how did you get into apple gear. You're early recent switcher right. Yeah pretty reason i My very first apple device was An ipod nano The very first generation. Because i did it have the money for a big one And so i was super excited when they came with the little one. I use that for walking my dog and all of that. I wish i knew how many pc people came over to apple through the through the ipod. I really wish there was a way to to put a number to this long. So i i was talking to jason snell about this recently and they had a they had a. I think it was the g. Five introduction their press was like from the makers of ipod and holy cow. I mean so. Many of us thought about it the other way around but that nato in particular the mini before but really the nanno was like such a powerful holiday purchase. I mean they were just everywhere overnight and it was really kind of apple at its best in terms of great user interface. Just really good customer experience. I'm sure a lot of people like hey you know this is better because i know at that time you did have to d- frank a windows computer so i do feel like that. I would just be curious and apple. Apple has numbers on that but it. I'm sure it's huge. Yeah it was also a so it. The i pod really was the best music device And so when we were looking my company that i was working at at the time had a discount for. At and t. And so i was like well gonna get an iphone. We jumped in on the iphone. Three g when the three g. s..

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