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On CBS sports radio. What are we talking about during the break? Talks them got dinner delivered. I got some got a coupla dogs. Okay. And I like a good New York City cart dog as much as anybody. So Brett to the best as we just started talking about what are you putting out dog mustard ketchup? Yes. Yes. Relish. Yes. If they have it out take the specifically here in New York, the cooked onions, the juicy onions all love damn. That's that's a top topping wouldn't mind a little chilly on top of it, basically can't even taste hotdog. By the time. I'm done with it and just a breath of sauerkraut. Now, this is the key to the entire dog. And this is a guy who puts mustard relish ketchup. Onions chili but the key is the sauerkraut because if you put too much sauerkraut on it. It kills everything else. All you tasted the sauerkraut chili gone beyond gone the wellish, God, the ketchup gone. The mustard God, I know, by the way, I'm a little bit of a mustard wimp. I'll always go with like the grey Poupon. Honey mustard. I know you're supposed to just get golden yellow on a dog. That's the preferred ballpark hot dog golden yellow golden not that I dislike it, but I just like a a sweeter mustard on my hot dog. But the key is absolutely the the sauerkraut, and you almost never get it perfectly handed to you in that form. People don't understand when I say just a touch of sauerkraut. There are two things in the world that people just can't help but put too much on. And that's lettuce on a sandwich. And sauerkraut on a hot dog 'cause I like a little lettuce on my sandwich, roast beef Turkey ham. I like a little lettuce on my salad. Tuna like lettuce never fails anytime sandwich, just a touch of lettuce. I eat it is too much lettuce. And then I gotta pick off the leads because I'm a finicky eater. I know shame on me. But I am I'm gonna pay for it and buy it needed. I'm going to get what I like. And it's always better too much into little. But it never fails. Whenever I get a sandwich. I get the lettuce. I gotta take some of the lettuce off and whenever I get a hot dog. And I asked for just a breath of sauerkraut, they always put too much. I guess sit there and pick it up and take extra napkins whatever else. He is what we talk about during the break. You think we're talking about sports? Now, we're talking about condiments. That's what we're good at CBS sports radio. We are condiment experts eight five five two one two four two two seven Roger from Florida wants stock football instead of condiments. Hello, raj. Hey, how you doing good? But hey, I had heard some early on a week from the NFC championship game that some of the Rams fans are trying to get the -ficiating crew. Some about them being oh, an eight when this guy was looking over their games and stuff and I've seen some bad officiating especially that Chicago game. Oh, oh and eight. The Williams went thirteen and three I understand that. But I'm saying, so we're we're talking over multiple years. Yes. So they've got a problem with a guy over multiple years. Yeah. Yeah. The Rams got bigger and better things to. I'd be more worried about drew Brees. And Michael Thomas tonight would who's watching the game back in New York. Well, it always seems like there's a really dumb call. It affects me is game. That's why I was wondering if you thought it would have any type of play on. Let's let's talk about these games. What was the really dumb calling the patriots charges last week? Okay. What about the Chicago game though? Are you telling me that fumble with a fumble Chicago playoff game where the official picked up the ball, and they ruled it down, and you know, because the official picked it up and nobody picked it up. But that one's okay. You didn't think that that? I mean when the eagles beat the bears. Yes. I know I know the play you're referring to and. Yeah, it was a debatable. Call. I didn't think it was blatantly obvious or awful or hideous. But the rest miss 'cause I'm not saying that every game is. Perfectly called they're humans. Just like Tom Brady doesn't complete twenty six hundred twenty six passes things happen. On both sides. So things are missed from time to time. But I don't believe any of last week's games. And all of them were relatively close were marred by God awful, call. No, no. And I'll I'll give you that. And as a patriots fan, though, I will say there was a couple. There was a light hit on rivers where he was getting mad, and I I could see him while he was getting mad. You know? There was some calls that you know, when our way I'll say that I can up to that. It's just you know, if it was big enough for Rams fans to start a petition. I didn't know if there's even you know on your radar if it is it didn't blow up on my radar, and maybe it's because I just discount their stance. I do not put anything any weight behind it or give any credence to it. I think that the Rams can go in there and win the game. And I will be I I'll come on here. I'll Powell jobs to you. And every Rams fan if come next Saturday. The Rams lose the game because a key call was blown by this referee. I want it to be the you know, I wanted to be the pats on the saints. I want it to be the two old guys going out. There and going at it. That's what I want. I just saw that. And I wanted to know you guys, you know, you especially your bathing in this stuff every day. I thought maybe you had heard something on it and add some bad to it. I just wanted to know what your thoughts on. It was my thoughts are the Rams fans should be more worried about Alvin Kamara drew Brees and Michael Thomas, then who's refereeing the game and keeping them out of the end zone. That would be my concern. If I were any LA LA ran player, and or any member of the LA Rams coaching staff Levi from Minneapolis up on CBS sports radio Levi. Hey, how you doing good? How you hey, man. I'm doing great quick question for you here. The Gary kubiak higher here in Minneapolis Minnesota for the Vikings. He is listed as like a offensive consultant flash. Co head coach of the Vikings YouTube as they were talking about it. And I'm starting to see the writing on the wall as lifelong once again, I think there's going to be too many cooks in the kitchen too, many big personalities, and we're to see some conflict, where do you what do you think about that be very interested to see the first major press conference said that's tad. When. I'll leave and take it all the way into preseason because off season workout pretty light. And the like as to how much I believe their present head coach was behind the hiring. And how much was made above his head. I'm sure he signed off on it. I'm sure he was convinced if he was tremendously against it. I don't know that it would have happened. If that's the case, then you go, and you hire Gary kubiak be your head coach. And you relieve your current coach of his coaching duties, I don't think they wanted to do that with Zimmer. But I would love to see Zimmer's response to was it your idea or was it you general managers idea to add guarantee squad. Right. Yeah. I you think Zimmer will stay on. He's kind of a lame duck right now, if we lose again, you know, we don't see much from him. You think they tried to go kubiak head coach or somebody else? Well, the only reason why I think ZIM zinze, okay? Is I thought the Vikings this year actually faltered as much because of their offense has their defense. They made the big investment to upgrade their offense by bringing in Kirk cousins. And the offense got worse. Now, the defense wasn't quite as good as it was the year either. But the dropoff was worse on offense and they spend more recess during the off season resources to upgrade the offense. So that's what I think the former defensive coordinator head coach will get a little bit of a break. They gave his offense what they thought were more bullets to fire and they didn't fire near enough. So NATs could be on kubiak come in and fire them more effectively. Yeah. No. I think you're you're probably up the right route there, thanks for taking the call. You gotta appreciate the call. Thanks checking in Mitch from jerseys up on CBS sports radio. Hey, mitch. Hey, how how're you doing here? I think he's the hardest working guy in America. I fake it. Well, don't I especially got to specify on top? I don't wanna get into that politics. First of all, I guess that has the crow on rivers beings closer. Dan Marino, not even close. And you just say all four games with close. Thanking was always in the first quarter. Charges poor poor game plan, and and by the way, and then rivers got a couple of touchdown slate to make the score a little closer than it was which really wasn't garbage time. But I didn't play all that. Well charge defense stunk. Patriots took him out to the woodshed offensively. So it wasn't all I know the quarterback is always the winner and a loser. When they win the quarterback controller granted when lose the quarterback takes all the blame. No. There was plenty of blame to go around for San Diego last week. The whole thing about with the Rams think the Rams and winter all winner for interchange. Got have worries themselves decided Scott being good girly. I know CJ engine that why receive his titans. Underrated two things are going to be able to keep Robert awards and Dominic sue for next year. What are you thinking? Thanks to take call. My bet would be no on sue. I think this was a one year gear up Super Bowl big time payment for him. I don't have dare salary cap and hits. And money's ferreted out next year. They'll probably redo Goth both went and Goth can be redone during this off season. And usually when you do that even get them for a little less than what you would speculate. They get the year after if you waited because the players want that guaranteed money they want to contract. So they'll probably take a little less in the overall package just to get the money right away and get it next year round and have to go out and do another prove it year where things could go bad, and then it could hurt their overall number. So it depends on do. They wanna do the Goth deal. They can make GOP wait another year thereafter. Or they can do it the year prior to you can't negotiate a first round quarterback's contract. Until after he's played three years. This will be the third year in for Goffin for Wentz. So both of those two guys are eligible for contract extensions more often than not if you've got a franchise guy, and I certainly would put both Goffin went into that category. You try and get it done after the third year from time to time. They just can't come to an agreement. They can't come to the number it plays to Lefort. And then you gotta sign and if he has a very good fourth year and even bigger contract heading into the fifth year. So Goth is gonna cost them more money. If they go down that route sue is playing well late..

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