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We eat the same type of food like why would we argue. That's right here in the same thing about Israelis and Palestinians individual. I think it's it's a very similar thing but that's what's interesting. Is that even outside of that Conflict Area A lot of times. They don't get along because there's so much politics behind you and I mean there's some of that here too and like our whole area is very very complex so it Yugoslavia's communist so you have this generation of people that all they know is communism so like even now like all day think about is communism was good because all this bad should happen for communism is amended because everybody want their republic. Everybody wanted democracy and then that's the thing too is like everything over. There has been stable since like the early two thousands and but the economy's still kinda crappy because a lot of people still do business in the communist way where I want business to go pay off this state official or go here. I pay this guy off center. Yeah and you know and then a lot of is just you know bad decisions and rebuilding after a war yeah all right so you get into this program you come to America when you were how old was so. I was eight. My brother were six. My parents were like in their mid thirties. Okay so basically we had we had to get sponsorship so you don just come to America like you'll get approved for the program and then the refugee organization in has to look for somebody to give you a loan so like you have to pay for your plane tickets and all this stuff. It's not just show up so they found a church where your parents like decently decently well off over there before the war yeah so like they were an attorney in an accountant so yeah you know the you know fairly fairly fairly decent jobs but once the worst lease pay jobs bosniaks salesman killing it there but I mean we were reasonably well off off. They were building a new home when the war started you know knows you know we we lived pretty well before all that but once the war started the bank collapse unlike anything he didn't have in your hands. You didn't just fucking gone yeah so basically all the all the cash that you had on you which when we came up you know came to America was maybe three or four hundred dollars that was that's what we so you know but basically this church sponsored us so like when they got to the end of the program they found a few different nonprofit organizations churches and local like NGO type places that would offer my needs to give you a loan to help you get started so it was like a place. North Dakota this church in North Carolina and they looked at a some books and they're like yeah. There's nobody in North Dakota and like my dad had some family that had gone through the program that chose North Carolina to sorta like we're going to go there yeah housing to say how did all these like these like refugees in that area you said even from all sides of the war ended up in North Carolina how that is that intentional while part of it is organizations imitations nonprofit organizations that are giving out these loans and sometimes they're giving out grants where they're paying for a portion of it wherever they were that's where the refugees are and then once the refugees fugees got there so like once we got here you know my parents worked like real crap jobs like the first job they worked here was like building cabinet kitchen cabinets like building doors for like four seventy five an hour and they've never done shit like that before and I like my dad you know like he worked on cars and stuff because he liked cars for fun and he did like random jobs like when he was a teenager. You know he'd like construction. Okay all right not since they had finished college yeah so basically all these people come come here and once they're kind of stable so my parents started with these real crap jobs and then once they start to learn English work their way up a little bit and then got better jobs so now they got ten dollar an hour jobs then a couple more years fifteen hundred dollar jobs and then they both decided to go back to college and their early forties because the what's it like if you can speak to this like they are when they're when they're back in Bosnia. They're highly educated people with you know way collar job. What are we going to call for their educated people then you have to come here and almost start over until they learn the language you save up money to go either. Get educated is is time in getting educated. They are the whole time they like God. This is annoying back home. We were this hour this or is it. This is amazing. Keep your head up likely we're very fortunate. That's that's the thing is like when we were kids like even though like like me and my brother in law. I've talked about this recently. We just sat down and talked about like you know like sometimes we spend on dinner what they made combined in a week. When we first got to the country you were just talking about trying to like just make sense of that by like when we got here like so you know. We thought that we're they're just kids in the world because like you know my dad worked two or three jobs my mom usually work to and then they kind of rebel to get down to one job so they both worked multiple jobs. They rarely saw each other but whenever they were with us and they're like everything is awesome yeah. We're not getting shot at like you know this. This is good. God like we had toys. We had you know candy. Whatever like every other kid had we had like you know basically like they most of what they earned went to you know me and my brother Yeah. You had a great twitter thread like I don't know months ago. It's like a series of the kind of like crappy at interesting ours your they do the list what car they 'cause. This is allegedly. This is a car show for nothing. It's not like it's not the all refugees but when you told me like g these stories all my God wait not just the interesting thing twitter like You're the only refugee I know so. There's good brothers. Yeah sorry boy on. I know you're fucking out. They're not trying to discount you but you're not in that chair yeah so have time to bring dude if he was coming to town. I'm fully I'm sure I'm sure he'll be around his. She just Kinda chilling right now doing a few few different gigs so he'll sure he'll come through here at some point. Wait so give us a big big list of your parents crappy cars so one we got here. The first card they had wasn't actually their car. They was like somebody like in the neighborhood. Just let him borrow a car and there was some like Buick from the mid eighty s like from Dr Look Connell Box Buick Skylark Skylark. That's it that's it and and had like seven or eight different like colors of panels because they're just like a salvage. Carlos quit together as like for people in the neighborhood to use this was the neighborhood share car body body body but it was for everybody because like when we got here because of the jobs they worked. We live in the projects so like you know that's just how stuff goes there you know like that and had after that they saved up money and got a plymouth acclaim yeah so that was it was it was really terrible. It was it was purple. Well Purple Plymouth Acclaim like a ninety one or ninety two flat the flat window so man whatever happened to that era of they just all crumpled like they're just dust now. You know what I kind of. D L liked was the Cougar Cougar with the flat wasn't bad like yeah. It is bad I mean it had decent stuff underneath it. You know you're always thought like a like an outcast yeah cool. There's a skylark skylark. I've seen doesn't I was I was. I was a pebble in the historic last month. They're awesome saw those are like the GTO GTO cars. We literally talked about this on twitter. Today is that something has the right at the right time of race parts suddenly suddenly good-looking yeah. It looked bad ass. I mean look at it. Is there anything you put vendors off in fairness sidewall us good what's great about the Lebaron in in a NASCAR is that you're allowed to make the pop up lights close a couple of rectangles. The only girl yes looks custodian. I dated a girl that drove Lebaron high school and what a hunk of Shit. I've heard I think I've only driven a Lebron for like ten feet arable. Does that was it. I've never ever like and that was enough. The weirdest thing about a Lebaron is at the blinker is on the gauge pinnacle not the steering column. That's where it's very it make any sense at all. I wonder why that is because they had to be like in. Whatever after the Plymouth typically so plymouth acclaim that got sold and they a dodge caravan so like we had a progression of Van so the first one on no actually sorry the first one was a nineteen eighty eight or eighty nine plymouth voyager so like they started a very basic like this one didn't have like the tinted rear glass like this is is like the very basic one because that's all they could afford the time right yeah exactly exactly that they had that and then that one got traded for a like a ninety one or ninety two Dodge Caravan so the Dodge Caravan had the factory tint on the rear had the captain's chair in the second row yeah and I mean this was still like six or seven year old car with like eight hundred ninety thousand miles but also like shares are forever. They invented the minivan so the the best right yeah. It was a used car by like I remember that like those cars specifically because this is like we're like eleven twelve. I'm I'm eleven twelve and boyens like eight or nine. Yeah I like we had the advanced went everywhere like this was like now road trip now get road trips adventures and stuff so like like like my parents. They got like they they got us a low mattress that would fit in the back they took out the seed sound like we went to Canada like chilling in back. Yeah had a mattress back. There had a bed and like drove all the way up to like Ottawa because they had some friends up there so I trust like that. That was you know like really really memorable where you know it was just a crappy old van but as a cool van because we did so after that they got a Pontiac Bonneville one thousand nine hundred nine Pontiac Bonneville it was it was light blue in color. Those were actually kind of cool. There were decent like so they had they had the T v three point eight Liter v six which is still one of my favorite engines to this they. I can't kill it like I mean other than some of them. They had the intake intake manifold gasket which is fairly easily fixable like it's not like the the end all for the engine didn't have like RX7 race car. Something bad guys ten knows that one that the fabricator in I'm blanking on his name right now but yeah ten men he owns that Black Betty you saw like Jack Mark Sam Mental. They all race that for a while the F. C. apparently thirty eight hundred. Oh that's got to be quick yeah I mean thirty eight hundred if you open it up a little bit it'll make like two hundred and fifty pound feet of torque which an NFC RX7 yet is what do they use it in the supercharge charge pontiacs yes they did that three point eight liter started as a buick engine in.

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