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That is fitting into the grand scheme of things. And it's amazing. Once you start unraveling that threat just how far back you can go. That's so interesting. Because some of what i study is be greek and roman reception of egyptian material culture and greek and roman places. It doesn't start when they it. And then if even looking back into the deep history of egypt or deep histories period of the mediterranean these things were being traded they were being explored expressed also remixed by the context and is the phrases the long delay of history. Which is the amorphous. Just an incredibly long period of history of these interactions going on and there's no catalyst moments necessarily that you can point to because it is just humans have been trading and talking and sharing and replicating each other's ideas. And then you know remixing into something else for so long. I think this exists to the idea of a shared visual coin which is a shared visual language of the mediterranean so it sounds like a very complex term but really what it same as there is type the representations that happen all over the mediterranean. And it's hard to say when one started because they're showing up all over the place something like sphinxes are a good example because they're very prominent in mesopotamia art and architecture egyptians have them and then you get them in greek art and architecture and enrollment and this visual form is popular and it gets used by all these different cultures and it means different things to them but it still has a shared element that if somebody travelling from babylon or susa to his andrea and then to athens at all these points they could see spinks and notes is thinks and there's less complicated visual cues and forms like symbols that evoke sense of divinity or symbols that evoke ascents of kingship and those symbols get shared and used and changed and explored in different contexts. So i think the artistic representations as your same be needed to project either power or heidi. Because obviously you can't be king emperor or any of those things unless you have a very good relationship with whatever your divinity is and that you are seen to have a good relationship with that divinity and stewarding your empire properly and all these things and how you convey that not just to the subjects who live while you live but those in the future is through this monumental architecture and the use of these symbols that will be understood for quite a time. Yeah i think going back to what you were saying about the language. That is a very important part of interpreting Logical remains Civilizations way the written would is not as ubiquitous as it is with sort of greeks and romans is. This is their symbolic language. So the interpretation of it needs to be as unambiguous as possible. What you were saying. A language of power through and if that language of palate is a big use obscure irrelevance to too many people. It falls flat. You don't project pow if no one understands. That's what you're trying to project. So linking you monumental your temple own home or the code swick linking Representations and articulations. It needs to appeal to not only the powerful who you are trying to communicate directly that also to those who see you on day to day basis or see you on the back of a coin that they use yes. Actually that brings me to our interesting example to illustrate this visual language. And i guess firstly why. It's so important to drill down on. This is this type of communication works from anywhere. The center is wherever you imagine. It is really. He will think our context. Are you know remarkable or important or and the things. We create our reflective of our personal values. Societal values.

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