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Account provides contact Sunflower Bank asked about the momentous money market. Sunflower is a full service financial partner that's been helping clients reach their financial ambitions for generations. Visit sunflower bank dot com To learn more or stop by and see them at your convenience. Be sure This media networks. This is America's first news this morning with your host Gordon. Debating of voting Bill. Good Morning. I'm Gordon deals along with Jennifer Cash Enka on this Tuesday, June 22nd glad you could be with us and here's what's up this hour. The Senate today is expected to take up voting rights legislation, but the measure is not expected to advance here what both sides are saying. Experts say the delta variants first identified in India late last year, now accounts for 10% of Coronavirus case. Is in the US The Supreme Court has ruled the N C double A is violating antitrust law by limiting how college athletes are compensated and how suddenly a 5% down payment isn't nearly enough for Homebuyers. Benny made pretty Mac have programs that allow you to get a mortgage where you only put down 3% or 5%, but Even if those mortgages are available, it's hard to use one because it's hard to win that house against someone who's putting down more money..

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