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To richardson stops on a dime can't shoot roles of the paint autobytel floaters on the way and no good rebound comes down to paul millsap you'll sap has it coast to coast hands it off the yoke swings in has a shot blocked by richardson closing out from the weakside richardson drive the hand off to tyler johnson throws it back down low gets it back to the three point line bet fake on the three now he takes tyler's jumpers up in eighteen to thirteen is the score five point lead here for the denver nuggets dan jamal murray skips it across the timeline gets a high pick from the colour is pick and pop head fake on the three back over to murray jamal goes to the left hand stop there by auto by you backs up to the three point line throws it on the baseline chandler's three pointer is up in and that puts nuggets back in the lead by eight twenty one to thirteen draw has at top of the key over the richardson gets down the lane to tie james johnson and he makes the road six point lead for denver here twenty one to fifteen will bart has it lobs it download a wilson chandler goes up for a dunk missed it but got foul and wilson chandler will go to the free throw line for denver mason plumlee up in off the bench here for the denver nuggets these the first sub of the night the justice winslow is going to come in with kelly only for the miami heat wilson chandler to the free throw line freethrow number one is on the way out one is up in and one more free throw coming up here for wilson chandler yokich gets the first breather here for denver you'll get to the opening six minutes to four shooting and six sports.

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