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This is senator chris murphy he's a democrat the democrats genting up more hatred against republicans and trying to blame republicans on the nra because that there is no uh a gracious pause after events like this the democrats immediately come out with the fresh haircut and renew the attacks on their real enemies who are there nextdoor neighbours chris murphy here he is he's blaming republicans that's what he's doing in congress who have already been targeted by a gunman who is a bernie sanders supporter and we are still waiting to find out what this gunman's motives are and the democrats are already demonizing republicans i know these are harsh words but i believe it in my heart i think there's an unintentional endorsement that gets sensitive these mass murderers when after slaughter after slaughter congress does nothing when he says congress he doesn't mean democrats he means republicans so he's looking to place the blame on republicans in congress who've already been targeted by one wouldbe mass assassin and they just don't dial it and speaking of unintentional endorsements you're you're engaging an unintentional endorsements of violence against republicans or intentional as the case may be and there is a pretty well established pattern of your people engaging in this kind of violence at this point even without las vegas so maybe senator you despicable human being you should dial it down a bit and then there's the liberal point of view and for that let's go to mike the lab in fairfax virginia mike the live you're on the chris plante show hey credit islet mighty pat acting like a poster boy for the nra he does it he basically heat up knowing air accounting former defence contractor made his fortune in real estate bobby loves republican tax cuts bobby love yogurt would be able to manipulate the pact uh go through the former iraqi agents though he got hearing doing that all right joe make no it makes no sense for her for in for this person to could be a liberal it does it first purcell was an obsessive gun person obsessive arsenal of gun we do not purport people having weapons of mass murder liberal do not the that only the.

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