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Not fireworks. Basically this bright light. And and they they here. Like, there's some sort of a stream, and then could be a sonic, boom. Could be anything. And so with the reports of the explosions the booms the F over beaver cash just go down the list of things the other night. I eagerly awaited the history channel's new television series about project blue book, and I understand that tonight. I guess the CW is doing something on Roswell is that what I hear. I may be wrong. But apparently, I watched the the project blue book show on the history channel, and I was pleased it how the history of Jalen hynick. He's being told and how project sign evolved into what eventually became project blue book and the shows, you know, kind of bears a passing resemblance to the X files. Also has it feel that you know, we were treated to back when Bryce Zabel brought us the dark skies broad dark scheduling with that show. I would telling you know, and Bryce is a friend of the show I've been telling you I would love to see dark skies return or in some way have something returned. It includes maybe Mari island Roswell. You know is something that gives a history that has the same feel as history channel show. But this whole project blue book, I think you should tune into it. You got it in your you should watch it in your record Q because it's based on the real life government operation called project blue book and the series centers on this investigation by the US air force UFO sightings in the nineteen fifties and sixties, I think the blue book, or at least it was signed. I called project sign it happened in the forties forty-seven onto nineteen sixties. And there's a guy by the name of the guy. Doc plays. Jalen hynick is Aiden Gillan, and Jalen Hynix pretty well done. I think. Of course, hiding for those who don't know what's an Astro physics professor, and he was recruited to help with the investigations into what they call the saucer hysteria times after the nineteen forties. And before everybody was seeing saucers. Everybody was seeing strange like everybody was a majority of people were there was a big saucer hysteria time going on and the air force said, we're tired of it. And so they wanted to create this project to literally debunked stories. Okay. It was basically controlled perception it was perception management. This is what they wanna do is like I talk about perception management the other night. It was perception management from nineteen forty seven to nineteen sixty nine the air force investigated unidentified flying objects under project sign that eventually became project blue book, and it was headquartered at Wright Patterson air force base and was terminated on December seventeenth nineteen sixty nine at a total of about twelve thousand six hundred eighteen sightings. There were reported to project blue book seven hundred one remained identified and the decision to discontinue you investigations based primarily on the evaluation report prepared by the university of Colorado entitled scientific study of unidentified flying objects whose review of the university of Colorado's report by the National Academy of sciences about their previous UFO. Studies and airports experiences investigating reports during the nineteen forties fifties and sixties and a result of this these investigations and studies and experiences they came up with these conclusions. Number one. No you up reportedly investigating evaluated by the air force was ever an indication of threat to our national security, number two. There was no evidence submitted to or discovered by the air force that sightings categorizes identified represented technological developments or principles beyond the range of modern scientific knowledge and number three. There was no evidence indicating the sightings categorizes unidentified extraterrestrial vehicles. So would the termination of project blue book, the air force regulation, establishing the controlling it? Control your program for the investigating analyzer UFO's was then rescinded documentation regarding the former blue book investigation was transferred to the modern military branch of the national archives and records service. They actually I believe a couple years ago, they actually released a lot of the blue book files, and they were kept in the black vault and several other areas. In fact, it was a it was a question as to who own them or who would be bringing the Ford project. Blue book was literally the military's attempt to change the perception of UFO's into swamp gas, balloons, weather balloons, that sort of thing, and so they wanted to try and calm, the public hysteria. A PR stunned actually literally an attempt in perception management to try and calm. The people about flying saucers. Now I wanted to. Do a show about Jalen. Hainan. And the reason why I wanted to do a show biz. I think people need to learn about this man in about what he was up against what he did. And how he is important to history science history UFO history and all that. And so I wanted to contact and we did contact. We'll have on the show tonight. Don Schmidt who I have grown to admire over the years. I met him in Roswell on the fiftieth anniversary. I was still a green newcomer. And this was the man that actually sat with me as we were talking there in Roswell actually, stole the Roswell wine and was holding onto it, and we were talking there together. He and I when I was in Roswell again, he was there on my program, and we're going to be talking with him coming up on ground zero. We'll take a break comeback talk to Don. Schmidt about Jay Allen hynick tonight on ground zero. You have any questions or you wanna talk about, you know, some of the things you remember some of the things, you know, about history of UFO. Owes.

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