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Being from injury. Wait say this part is says now go to dress this garden good care of it be happy and have joy there in go. I say now go to address this garden. Now go to address. Again I should be inspired by. Never mind. Not Inspiring. Sorry. It was this shit. And then God's last sentence before they withdraw we shall go away but when Shell visit you again and give you further instructions. Okay. So now Adams like hanging out eve is like carrying around a baby goat I think makes a baby sheep baby lamb trying to the and by the way these the old videos, those of you who are more recent lamb as a baby already. Lamb. Lamb Kuenz. We call. Domino Lampkin. We do some curls up like little lamb. Sure. They're just wandering around K. and you're like remember the and then all of a sudden Micheal ballum comes out. Satan Satan Lucifer who's ever yeah. They call them the Superhero I don't know why but I think the Micheal Ballum movie was the one I saw the most yeah. Yeah. It was also the one who had hot. Brunette Eve. Okay and I guess a good looking at him but this is funny Adam in the video had huge Adam's apple. I always took notice that like Adam and his Adam's apple maybe they'd cast him on purpose they did. So he could have a giant Adam's apple probably and be named Adam solution for shows up out of nowhere, and I'm going to try to use my best Micheal Ballum Lucifer voice case. Trigger warning I guess for the people listening. All right. Well, Adam you have a new world here. And then added with blank stares like a new world like Thurgau. So Adam talks like Patrick on. Spongebob. Adam. Is Spongebob Patrick but way less fun. Okay. Then Luther. Says, yes. A New World Deputy Oldman where we used to live you kind of remind me of the devil character on the power bills him you know. What I'm talking about, he's like. Yes I'm this is slightly different but very similar Micheal Ballum probably watched I think that was probably pre power puff. When was this? When was this temple film yet aim these all this is pre nineties, right? Yeah. So it's pre power puff girls will maybe the devil voice from power puff girls they stole from the Lucifer voice who knows okay. So then atom says I know nothing about any other world and spongebob or Who lives in a pineapple. Then Lucifer says, Oh, I see your eyes or not yet opened you have forgotten everything you eat some of the fruit of this tree. Oh, and then he plucks the fruit. It is such a slow motion plucking of what kind of freight is it it looks like an apple but not really like maybe an apple a made up Mormon loan like an apple nectarine sort of Combo Yeah. It's not apple shape. It's kind of like a long sort of ethylene. It is an apple lean okay. You must eat some of the fruit of the tree pluck. Adam. Here's some of the fruit of that tree it will making wise. Atom says you know in his? Spongebob. I will not partake of that fruit father told me that in the day. I. Should partake of it. I should surely die. A hate when they call Godfather, it just annoys scrapie. Yeah. Anyway. Then Lucifer says you shall not surely die but shelby as the gods knowing good and evil I'm doing a really good job on this by the way like I'm having slight PTSD because I'm giving you a little golf clap here I love thinking. An Atom says I will not partake of it and then lose for says, only you will not will. We shall see and then turns around fast and then the wind comes. Yeah. Okay. So very dramatic. It is. It is. Okay. So now we have kind of standing around holding a lamb blink blink. Yeah. Yeah, I'm I'm. A LINK BLINK Spongebob. Probably. Even dumber than spongebob or more blink because they really had her be that way. Sure. So Lucifer walks in and says. Here's some of the fruit of that tree. It will make why is it is delicious taste and very desirable who I bill and then eve like she turns with this face like she has nothing in her brain like a robot. She says who are you, and Lucifer says I am your brother. And then Eve says you my brother and come here to persuade me to disobey father and Lucifer gets upset. I have said nothing about father I want you to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil that your. May maybe open for that is the way father gained his knowledge you must eat of this fruit. So as to comprehend that everything has its offices a good and evil virtue and bites light and darkness health and sickness leisure, and hey. That's how he says it. Your eyes will be opened and you will have knowledge. I'm so good at this Michael Good. Interesting I know I'm I'm just sitting here my popcorn taking in the show, raise your hand. If you all are impressed with my Micheal Ballum Lucifer Voice I think he felt like you needed to bump it up a notch after my higher God impersonation. Sure. But I saw this booby. So many fucking times like I am literally giving the same emphasis on the same words I'm telling you same in losses. Yes, you're doing. Great paying. Job You wouldn't even know no of course not. I'm enjoying it. So this whole thing with I'm your brother Siblings our father just reminds me of a George Lucas picture.

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