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I just got an alert on my ring doorbell that bear across the street and you got to bear cross street from Your House. No, it's not across the street. It's. Bright they're. Really bear outside to window. I beat it's not directly. He's not like he's on top of the window like this looking in but you know we have about an acre of woods and areas running around with two cubs. If you want to come on the show on June. And the Good Job Demi on bark is really gonNA scare to bear appreciate it. All right anyway. Anyway keithly. But like my dog like my dog's not going to go crazy just one second, my dogs lay back. So it's a little upset because the bear is far away. But at that bear was up closed, maybe my dog will be going nuts Keith Lee may be carrying cross was in the ring with keithly maybe we would have gotten that keithly that you're describing it's almost like it's like you just mentioned like if something happened to a friend of Keith lease or a family member of Keith lease like I, just happy that we got a little bit of fire at all from keithly and I know it's cursing but I didn't get it like he was cursing just for cursing sake like he. Is Very Une wwe like is to talk like people really do talk when they're in a real life situation you know Mustafa Ali Monday was not talking how Mustaf Ali with talk in a real life situation the pause he took his cadence that's not the way people talk but but Keith, Lee last night I was like you know what? That's the way keithly probably talks in real life situations it's. Amazing how on T. we're getting more personality and how people really do talk. Then what we see on Monday night raw and Friday night smackdown it's crazy because you know like beauty's in the eye of the beholder you heard one thing I heard another I think keithly was talking like a normal keithly just a little bit more pissed off I. Don't think that was the real life version of Keith League. That's what I like to see. I want things. So Real I want people talking to each other like they would be talking to each other in real life. Remember when edge and Orton I got off the ground with with their angle and I said I could see that same conversation happening in a car with them driving down the road. That's what I want to feel not just from keithly I wanNA feel that from every performer that's the level of realism I think pro wrestling needs and twenty twenty and moving forward if the curtain is so far pulled back well, then make me on poet back close it. People were bitching and moaning about the whole carry seen situation like, oh we know it was a week old and we know this we know that. People are entirely too smart to everything. So a fans just so smart to everything it's up to the performer. To make them on smart. It's up to the performer to make fans question what they're seeing is this. Show but man, he sounds. So he sounds so realistic like I'm not sure that's what you have to have fans doing scratching their head saying I'm not sure when you hear N. J.. F. Talk you're not quite sure because I could see him walking into Tony Kahn's office and saying everything that he said last night. To Tony Kahn's face you know and bully. This is where like you know again, the conversation that we had on Tuesday Kata said are we that far gone now as fans of pro wrestling that the curtains been pulled back so much.

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