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Download that and healthy katie. Actually we have a whole toolbox. I don't have that link though. But maybe i can send it to you of resources for if you're running a food drive of how to inspire people to do healthier. Espn so sally. With the women's foundation created in is incredible and in that you can get eat food pantry you can get Other other resources social media things to that you can share on yours in your community to expire people but we all can do better with that and it starts with us. How we are taking care of our community is what we're if we're donating and sharing think about giving foods at our nourishing and that you want to eat that you would want to e and if maybe some of us do like mac and cheese but i you can make healthier choices on. Find the food pantries. What are they in need of. Because there's some times that they're in more need of other things but always keeping in mind like thinking instead of just going to the back and grabbing whatever i want or they expired stuff which. You're adding more work to everyone. That really being intentional to give foods from from your heart that are going to nourish that guide to help right it. It's really a list of clean foods and again on the fit app. You can see this bet sad. But it's things like packages of dried beans tuna canned chicken like things that are clean foods. i'm sure there's some pastas too but just things that people y- it's all just gonna be whole grain Ways of doing it as as your sharon this. I'm thinking of on youtube. We have a eat fit youtube channel. Where you can find. Diy recipes and that was our guest quarantine project. We all started creating recipes. Full library of eat fit approve recipes. That you can make on there so know. You've got children. Do you use a slow cooker. Your house sometimes not too much. Okay become an addict of the slow cooker because it's so easy to just dump things in and four six eight hours later you've got a ton of food and son used to use it and then in broken never places i guess. That's the insurgents came from. I had one in the cabinet for years at my mother-in-law had given me and i pulled out a few months back and i forgot the pleasure. Not only the sounds through the house but the The amount of food you can make for the week and it's jus- no no stress and you can do healthy things. Meet a lot of fats in out. And i didn't count the calories but but i think one of the last things i made was a big like a bag of beans and it was just enough for a week so so inexpensive. And so now yeah. Do you like to cook. Even i did. I didn't what are your favorite foods when you're talking about all this. Do you have things you back on. So one of my favorite and there's an e. Diy of and. I love telling people about this. Because it's one that always gets springs smiles and it's so easy so i like to cook but in the same sense i am a working mom young so i don't get to cook as much as i want and i'm grateful my husband. Also we both tag team it but this one is a sweet potato hash. Take sweet potatoes dyson up and then this part people are like well. Tell me the specifics thing about cooking. Why i like cooking over. Baking is that you can be creative and you can explore and do different things so.

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