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No se seven sixty go CBS news on the hour real news real reporting I'm Wendy Gillette president trumps act in White House chief of staff is defending his attack against democratic representative Elijah Cummings president trump called his district in Baltimore a rat and rodent infested mass where no one would want to live Mick Mulvaney spoke on CBS's face the nation I think Maryland is the richest state on a per capita per household basis in the nation yet they have real abject poverty in in Baltimore the president wants folks to to know that look instead of dealing with those issues Mister Cummings is spending all this time on this impeachment inquiry which as we all know was going nowhere Democrats say the president's tweets are racists presidential candidate bill de Blasio on ABC this president is trying to distract people from the larger reality of this country Democrats are still weighing the possibility of impeachment following the testimony of former special counsel Robert Muller before two house committees last week New York Democrat Jerry Nadler on ABC we have the impeachment of resolutions before the committee we are invent conducting investigations to determine whether we should report those impeachment a resolution to the house or whether we should draft their own and report them to the house they go shaders held an emergency meeting in Vienna to try to salvage the Iranian nuclear deal also known as the J. C. P. O. a senior Iranian negotiator Abbas a rock she the atmosphere was constructive.

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