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And we have started by talking about avoidance now obviously sleet if people have a house that is full of mold. It's going to be difficult in some cases for people to just move out and find another place to live but i guess you're saying that perhaps for short period of time. They may need to do that. <hes> yeah can you go onto the other four tools. Please sure so the next tool is fundamentals which is all of the basic treatment guidelines from nature pathak doctor so you'd be hearing from us us about good diet choices many many many vegetables every day to try to get five to six servings a minimum of vegetables a day getting good sleep working on getting your body tuned into a normal circadian rhythm <hes> mold tenths to throw that rhythm off so people can become night owls so i work with patients on remember that humans are wakened the day were not owls or not awake at night to get on the circadian rhythm so the fundamentals are basic. Things is like that and then the next tool is protect the body the next tool is repair and then fight which is to fight off the fungus the the fungal overload in the body. Tell us a bit more. If you would please about protecting the body yes so there are certain things that protect attacked your body from mole toxins as mold dies and his fungus dies it becomes much more toxic and can dump these micro-toxins in the liver and the kidneys have to manage that if they can't keep up those micro-toxins spillover into nerve tissue and into the fat to be dumped later so we want to protect the nerve tissue we want to protect the immune system that also takes a hit when you get these micro-toxins toxins villages so i typically put patients on something that will <hes> manage the good fat balance in their body and d._h._a. Is a official on a good fat that is protest been shown to be protective against mold oxen's especially if they're having neurological symptoms rain cognition maybe tremors <hes> we really optimize that fat balance and i use labs to to measure after that and see how much we need to us and then we protect the liver and the kidneys from any damage the damage from these toxins really impact deliver deliver function in the liver's ability.

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