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Is that there isn't a strict the doctors call it and I'm not a doctor. The doctor's quality dose response. So it's not like you. It's safe to smoke one cigarette a week. It's not safe to smoke any cigarettes per week and what the surgeon general Observed in a report in the last couple of years is that's really the challenge because these so called social smokers who think Oh, I only smoke when I go out to the bars, or I only smoke when I go here or there or anywhere. They're putting themselves at risk. They have a very real health risk, even though they're just social smokers. Well, and now we've actually eliminated a lot of that because they can't socially smoke at bars. They can't socially smoke at restaurants. This temptation has been removed and you mentioned that that people who are in the food service industry are now less likely to smoke and less likely to have these diseases because they're not exposed to that second hand. And were there. You've told me this before, And I don't think we've mentioned it. Today They're less the food service industry workers are less likely to now start smoking because they're not exposed to it. That's correct. How many kids have gotten there? First Jabs, part time jobs in the food service industry tables are working the back bar or something. I worked in my dad's restaurant and And by he having those environments all be smoke free. There's less of a temptation for those kids who were in their first jabs and young people. I don't mean to say kids pejoratively but young people. Teenagers, early twenties, etcetera, last time less temptation. That's that's so great because and the other thing is, too. I've always thought during the winter. It's a great time to stop because now that you are focused on having to be outside to go smoke now you have to put on a coat. You have to get your mittens on. And you can't have your mittens on because you're holding a cigarette in your hat on you have to, but if you have to bundle to do a habit, it does not seem like something you want to do. It's cold here typically, and I I've always I've always wondered how close to quitting. The people are standing outside of bars smoking on a Saturday night. You hope, their clothes. I hope, their clothes and maybe we're going to get them a little bit closer. Joel affects joining me. We have got tons more to talk about. Hustle of the Hancock is coming up soon. It's right around the corner on Ben. We want to talk about some lung cancer statistics and all kinds of good stuff. Real effort. Respiratory Health Association metropolitan Chicago, Hannah Stanley here beyond Sports. ESPN. 1000 ESPN Chicago dot com..

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