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Bringing record breaking cold Monday snow fall cut some residents off guard Kayla too so I don't have a scraper hello my both sides well this year this hardware store manager said it was a quick turnaround they went from selling a ton of race on Saturday does all the time also in and snow blowers delivery lane CBS news former president Jimmy Carter is spending the night in an Atlanta hospital it's for a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain caused by bleeding the Carter center says the bleeding was caused by Mr Carter's recent falls CBS news contributor Dr David A. gets normally the procedures are very quick basically this is growing a small hole in the brain can draining actually causing the pressure so the procedure itself Kening operating one St our recovery happens over the next several days the ninety five year old fell and broke his hip in may the deposition transcript of a Deputy Assistant secretary of defense is released by the house intelligence committee it's all part of its impeachment inquiry against president trump Laurie Cooper told members of the impeachment panel that it was her understanding that Ukraine met all the requirements for some four hundred million dollars worth of military and security gate but then in July she began to hear indications that that money was being held up by the trump administration for a reason that was not given she said that news concern her and her fellow national security officials who wondered if such a hold was illegal bill Rakoff CBS news Capitol Hill Mexico granting asylum to Bolivia's former president it comes a day after evo moralis resigned in the wake of massive protests are Adrian barges in Mexico City the US government doesn't consider what happened in Bolivia to be a clue that Mexico does Mexico's top diplomat called it a regression saying quote military coups have never brought anything positive and it's not only Mexico the governments of Cuba Venezuela and Argentina all agree the general manager of the San Francisco Bay Area commuter train system has now apologized to a man who was handcuffed and cited last week for eating a set which on one of its platforms while eating is not allowed on the platforms bart faced widespread criticism this is CBS news did you know you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app thirty degrees at eleven OO three I'm her blues top stories tonight thirty at DFW airport but already in the twenties in many parts of North Texas in Denton it's twenty nine twenty seven indicator twenty eight in Bonham temperatures will be falling into the mid twenties at DFW airport overnight and there's several degrees cooler than that in some outlying areas and so and so with the wind picking up as well it's not just down right cold there are concerns about wind chills overnight care lease Stephen Pickering saying Dallas nonprofit groups are working to get the homeless off the streets tonight city of Dallas is using the convention center downtown as an emergency overflow shelter pastor Wayne Walker with the group our calling says that's a positive step but it won't be enough his group is using a cell phone app to track space at shelters across the city he says it's used by people who are homeless but anyone can download it you can use it to not only find home of service providers but you can also let us know what areas in the city need help you can identify those locations of our teams can go out his organization runs a day resource center for the homeless and he says they are prepared operated as an overnight shelter if necessary Stephen Pickering newsradio ten eighty KRLD meanwhile some churches in Dallas or serving as temporary homeless shelters as well from Oaklawn United Methodist pastor Rachel Bahman says people are coming in for office to find a place to get out of the call we are really serious about welcoming all people the church can house up to eighty people as many as eighty people temperatures again gonna be dropping into.

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